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This is a list of professional Deaf and disabled artists, or disabled-led companies, who are actively seeking international partners and opportunities. Each artist or company currently has work ready to tour or for exhibition. We are proud to list companies from all over the world.

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Aaron McPeake

Tags: FilmVisual Arts

Aaron is a sculptor who works with a variety of media and materials including film. Much of Aaron's work involves casting bell-bronze, creating sculptures that can be interacted with, touched and ‘rung’. Read more


Tags: Visual Arts

ActionSpace supports the development of artists with learning disabilities and creates innovative projects for people with learning disabilities to engage with the visual arts. Read more

Aidan Moesby

Tags: DesignLive ArtVisual Arts

Aidan Moesby is a visual artist and curator whose work increasingly explores civic and personal wellbeing. His practice is based around research and response, much of which is underpinned through conversations. He works extensively within arts and health, especially where art, technology and wellbeing intersect. Read more

Anna Berndtson

Tags: DanceLive ArtTheatreVisual Arts

Performance is the foundation of my artistic practice, working foremost with Long Duration Live Performance Art. The public is essential in my work, as their presence becomes part of the live experience. Being present over several hours or even over several days is the main challenge in this art form. Read more

Artistas Diversos

Tags: DanceVisual Arts

Artistas Diversos is an NGO that produces and exhibits the work of disabled artists covering all types of artistic expression, from all over the world - free of charge for the artist. Read more


Tags: Visual Arts

Blind With Camera is a flagship initiative of the Beyond Sight Foundation. It is group of blind photographers and collection of their photographic work, it embraces blindness as a “dark, paradoxical gift” and their work expresses the philosophy that “in blindness, true art exists”. Read more

Bogdan Tomashevskiy

Tags: ArchitectureVisual Arts

Bogdan Tomashevskiy is a visual artist based in Kiev working in sculpture and architecture Read more

Caglar Kimyoncu

Tags: FilmVisual Arts

Improvisation-led filmmaker, curator and consultant with a continued interest in alternative representations of excluded voices of all kinds including conscientious objection. Read more

Chelle Destefano

Tags: Visual Arts

Chelle is an established Visual Artist, having graduated with a bachelor in Visual Arts and Applied Design in 2007. Read more

Chisato Minamimura

Tags: DanceTheatreVisual Arts

Chisato Minamimura is a professional conceptual dance choreographer, dance artist and BSL art presenter. Read more

Dançando com a Diferença

Tags: DanceFilmLive ArtMusicTheatreVisual Arts

Institution whose main goal is to promote social inclusion and culture through inclusive dance. Read more

Dilan Aydemir

Tags: FilmVisual Arts

Dilan Aydemir is a disabled visual artist from Turkey who works in multimedia. Read more

Dr Ju Gosling aka ju90

Tags: DanceFilmLive ArtSpoken Word / Live LiteratureVisual Arts

Artist working mainly with digital lens-based media, but also with performance, text and sound. Read more

Epic Arts

Tags: DanceTheatreVisual Arts

Epic Arts uses the arts as a powerful tool for transformation that explores and celebrates the richness of diversity through creative experiences. We work with people of all abilities and backgrounds through our Inclusive Education, Community and Social Enterprise Programmes to encourage a change in perceptions and attitudes at both a personal, and public level. Read more

Estela Lapponi

Tags: DanceFilmLive ArtTheatreVisual Arts

Estela Lapponi is an actress, dancer, creator / performer, choreographer, artistic director, producer and Brazilian video artist. Read more

Fittings Multimedia Arts

Tags: ComedyDanceFilmLive ArtMusicSpoken Word / Live LiteratureTheatreVisual Arts

Disability-led national organisation that makes popular theatre characterised by directness, comedy, music, emotion and immediacy, working with material, performers and artists, reflecting the UK's diverse cultures. Read more

Heart & Sold

Tags: Visual Arts

Heart & Sold supports creative people who happen to have Down syndrome. Its aim is to educate, inspire, raise awareness and prove that these individuals can do or be whatever they want to be. Read more

Juan delGado

Tags: FilmVisual Arts

Works across a range of media including installation and photography to producing work that explores themes of trauma, landscape, disability, dislocation and gender. Read more

Lizzy Rose

Tags: FilmVisual Arts

Lizzy Rose is a British visual artist whose work explores community, British identity and hidden culture. Read more

Misiconi Dance Company

Tags: DanceLive ArtVisual Arts

Misiconi Dance Company (2013) is a contemporary dance company that integrates dancers with and without disabilities. The Company believes that integrated dance brings exceptional creative and artistic opportunities. Read more

NWN Photography

Tags: Visual Arts

'NOS, WHY NOT?' works to facilitate inclusion through photography, creating an international network of photographers with disabilities. Read more


Tags: DanceFilmLiteratureTheatreVisual Arts

Per.Art is an independent organization active in the field of contemporary performing arts in Serbia. Since 1999, our Art and Inclusion program has brought together people with learning disabilities, artists (theatre, dance and visual arts), special educators, representatives of cultural institutions, architects and students. Read more

People Dancing

Tags: DanceLive ArtVisual Arts

People Dancing is the UK's development organisation and membership body for those involved in creating opportunities for people to experience and participate in dance. Read more

Project Ability

Tags: Visual Arts

Project Ability is a Glasgow-based visual arts organisation with an international reputation for excellence. We create opportunities for people with disabilities and people with mental health issues, aged 5 years to 80 plus, to express themselves and achieve artistic excellence. Read more

Rachel Gadsden

Tags: FilmLive ArtVisual Arts

Rachel is a British artist who is exhibited internationally and who works across the mainstream and disability art sectors, presenting cross-cultural visual dialogues that consider the most profound notions of what it is to be human. Read more

sean burn

Tags: Spoken Word / Live LiteratureTheatreVisual Arts

sean is an outsider artist / performer / writer with an international reputation. he's part of mad studies north-east promoting critical debate and community courses around mental distress. Read more

Shadowlight Artists

Tags: FilmVisual Arts

Multi-award-winning collective of Oxfordshire-based digital artists with learning disabilities Read more


Tags: DanceLive ArtVisual Arts

Shape is a disability-led arts organisation founded on the principle that all disabled people should have the opportunity to participate fully in arts and culture, and works with the vision of an inspiring and inclusive arts sector that is accessible to all. Read more

ShareMusic & Performing Arts

Tags: DanceFilmLive ArtMusicTheatreVisual Arts

Swedish artist development organisation that works internationally Read more

Simon Mckeown

Tags: FilmLive ArtVisual Arts

Simon McKeown is an award winning internationally exhibiting visual artist renowned for his work which touches on and considers disability. Read more

Sue Austin

Tags: FilmLive ArtVisual Arts

Sue Austin is a multimedia, performance and installation artist. Over an extended period of time her practice has operated as a vehicle to open up a thinking space around the materiality of the wheelchair. Read more


Tags: DanceTheatreVisual Arts

SZENE 2WEI implements bodily specificities as a medium in dance Read more

Tanya Raabe

Tags: Live ArtVisual Arts

Tanya Raabe-Webber is an acclaimed disabled artist challenging the notion of identity within contemporary portraiture, often creating portraits of high profile disabled people during live sittings in high profile public art galleries and venues. Read more

The Vacuum Cleaner

Tags: FilmLive ArtVisual Arts

the vacuum cleaner is an art and activism collective of one. Working across art-forms: including performance, installation and film, the artist addresses challenging and taboo issues such as consumerism and mental health. Read more

Together! 2012

Tags: ComedyDanceFashionFilmLiteratureLive ArtMusicSpoken Word / Live LiteratureTheatreVisual Arts

Working to make the main host borough of Newham an international centre of excellence for Disability Arts as part of the Paralympic cultural legacy. Read more

Tony Heaton

Tags: Visual Arts

Tony Heaton is a Visual Artist/Sculptor and Curator who works in a variety of materials from direct carving to assemblage and film. Much of his work reflects and responds to a disabling world. Read more