The aim of 5D is to allow people with an (in)visible disability to take part in the cultural sector as an actor or in a position behind the scenes. 5D produces several artistic theatre plays independently or in co-production with mainstream theatre companies. Disabled actors play alongside non-disabled actors. Besides plays, 5D develops art installations with a theatrical encounter with the public. 5D also advises cultural festivals on the area of accessibility.

  • © René den Engelsman


  • © René den Engelsman

    Inhuis Festival

  • © René den Engelsman

    Inhuis Festival

  • © Saris & den Engelsman


  • © Saris & den Engelsman

    Festival 5D

  • © Saris & den Engelsman

    Workshop at Fijnhout Amsterdam

Contact details

Beer Boneschansker
artistic director

Stichting 5D
Oostenburgervoorstraat 71
1018MP Amsterdam

Artistic Director(s)

Beer Boneschansker


Email: info@stichting5d.nl
Web: http://www.wijzijn5d.nl
Facebook: http://facebook.com/wijzijn5d/

A compilation of 5D performances, with subtitles.



Duration: 35 min.
Number of people on road: 2
Freight: No freight necessary

Freight details:


In SEMTEX, actor Eric confronts public with his life and disability but foremost with the loneliness that comes with living with cerebral palsy in this society.

Extra information

Show needs a dark performance space.

Wrap-around work

- Theatre courses for beginners and more experienced actors with disabilities

- Workshops for companies on inclusive participation in the work environment