Anjali Dance Company

Anjali Dance Company celebrates the creative abilities and artistic potential of people with learning disabilities and demonstrates exciting new possibilities in dance.

Through its innovative and pioneering work Anjali engages the professional dance community in a debate about aesthetics, form, purpose and inclusion. Anjali works with world-class dance artists and choreographers to train talented individuals and create and tour original dance work which is performed by dancers with learning disabilities.

Anjali’s dancers have performed at venues throughout the UK, including the Royal Festival Hall, Sadler’s Wells and the Royal Opera House in London and at venues in Europe and internationally. Anjali’s performances have been highly praised by critics and reviewers.

Anjali also have a successful youth dance company, Young Anjali, and an Education and Outreach team of dancers with learning disabilities who teach and lead workshops.

Anjali Dance Company enables people with learning disabilities to achieve excellence, provides positive role models and encourages the integration and inclusion of people with learning disabilities in the Arts and in society. Our innovative and pioneering work has created a radical new perspective for contemporary dance.

  • Photograph: Rachel Cherry


  • Photograph: Rachel Cherry

    Anjali Dance Company: Genius

  • Photograph: Rachel Cherry


  • Photograph: Rachel Cherry


  • Photograph: Judie Waldmann

    Anjali Dance Company

Contact details

Ceri Brierley
Associate Producer

Home Farm House
OX15 4JZ

Artistic Director(s)

Nicole Thomson



Trailer for Beethoven, performed by Anjali Dance Company.

Gary Clarke’s Beethoven takes a touching and darkly humorous look at the extraordinary personal life and musical works of Ludwig van Beethoven.



Duration: 60 minutes plus interval
Number of people on road: 10 (6 dancers, 1 Artistic Director, 1 Rehearsal Director, 1 Technical Manager, 1 Producer or Company Assistant)
Freight: Excess baggage

Freight details:


An exceptional group of six dancers perform two dramatic explorations of genius. An inspirational performance of outstanding talent, imagination and creative power.

Gary Clarke’s 'Beethoven' takes a touching and darkly humorous look at the life and musical works of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Lea Anderson has created a stylized and gently humorous exploration of the legend of the vampire Nosferatu and his depiction in film. 

Join us for Genius, a celebration of talent and achievement.

Extra information

Genius is a stunning and entertaining double bill of dance theatre, featuring choreography by acclaimed and in-demand artists Lea Anderson and Gary Clarke, and ideally complemented by bespoke residencies and workshops. Genius was created in 2017 and an initial tour in autumn 2017 reached in excess of 4000 audience members and 700 participants at 13 venues in the UK, Spain and Mexico. The tour developed new and diverse audiences. Genius tours again in 2019 and 2020.

The Reflection

Duration: 7 minutes
Number of people on road: 4 (2 dancers, 1 Artistic Director, 1 Rehearsal Director)
Freight: No freight necessary

Freight details:


A technically accomplished duet inspired by an image of the moon shining on water. Choreographed and performed by Anjali dancers Hannah Dempsey and Daisy Garrett.

Wrap-around work

Anjali Dance Company is committed to developing the talents and creativity of people with learning disabilities. Anjali create and support activities that contribute to the advancement of opportunities in dance for people with learning disabilities. Anjali has exceptional experience, skills and knowledge, acquired and developed over the past 20 years.

Anjali is committed to sharing its knowledge and expertise as widely as possible through its comprehensive and well-planned education programme among students, professionals and the public, both in the UK and overseas. Anjali’s Education Programme is delivered by a dedicated and experienced teaching team which mostly consists of dancers and workshop leaders who themselves have learning disabilities, the first of its kind in the UK.

Wrap-around activity is bespoke to each project but may include:

  • Residencies leading to a performance / curtain-raiser alongside an Anjali performance
  • Taster dance sessions for people with learning disabilities
  • Inspirational workshops for existing groups wishing to develop their practice
  • CPD for dance practitioners in working inclusively
  • Talks at events or conferences
  • Post-show discussions with the cast and team
  • Mentoring for pracctitioners and leaders in setting up and developing programmes

Press Comments & Testimonials

"Smart, inventive commissioning." The Guardian

“One of the brightest companies in British Dance.” Donald Hutera 

"Visibility, confidence and glamour” The Guardian

"Discipline, confidence, versatility and innate verve” Dance Europe

 “Anjali's work is atmospheric, touching and beautiful” Oxford Times