ARTimeleia's aim is to lead the way by creating high quality theatre performances to the full and equal acceptance of disabled people as actors, all the way from the training and studying to performance. Disabled people are endowed with abilities and strengths which can be used to produce a competent socio-cultural result in an artistic field such as theatre. 

  • Photograph: Antonis Provias

    50m free style

  • Photograph: Antonis Provias

    50m free style

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Annita Capousizi
Artistic Director

Kresnas 16-18, Athens, Greece

Artistic Director(s)

Annita Capousizi



Trailer for ARTimeleia's '50m Freestyle' performed 7-8 October 2017 at Fournos Theatre, Athens.


'50m free style'

Duration: 50 minutes
Number of people on road: 10

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Our body can make a voluntary movement only when the motor cortex and the brainstem sends out the appropriate instruction. Complications in transmitting this instruction through the motor neurons to the muscles result the non-transmission of the signal and therefore no execution of the movement. Nevertheless, the movement as a perception and intention has taken place in our brain. This performance is about the distances that we travel with one or the other way during our lives