BewegGrund, Switzerland

The association BewegGrund was founded in 1998 in order to promote inclusive dance. BewegGrund stands for equal rights, self-determination, equal opportunities and integration. The objective is self-evident togetherness of disabled and non-disabled people in cultural projects. Since it was founded, the association has regularly offered courses under the artistic direction of Susanne Schneider, conducts workshops with choreographers from Switzerland and abroad, is active in schools, and organises a biennial festival. Cie BewegGrund has produced a series of professional stage plays which have toured internationally.

  • Photographer: Roman Brunner

    Cie BewegGrund, Kipppunkt, 2016

  • Photographer: Roman Brunner

    Cie BewegGrund, Kipppunkt, 2016

  • Photographer: Roman Brunner

    Cie BewegGrund, Kipppunkt, 2016

  • Photographer: Roman Brunner

    Cie BewegGrund, Kipppunkt, 2016

  • Photographer: Roman Brunner

    Cie BewegGrund, Kipppunkt, 2016

Contact details

Susanne Schneider

P.O. Box 730
Bern 3000

Artistic Director(s)

Susanne Schneider



This is a short video for Cie BewegGrund's show 'Kippunkt' is association with tanzbar_bremen.

Film produced by Adrian Scherzinger.



Duration: 60
Number of people on road: 9
Freight: Excess baggage

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Kipppunkt (Tipping-Point)

In this international cooperation, two female dancers, three male dancers and a musician meet each other. The result: a dance piece about imbalance.

On shaky ground, the performers courageously explore the stability of interpersonal relation­ships. When does the balance of power shift, what does it take for interpersonal relationships to reach the tipping point, and is balance also a synonym for harmony? The performers walk along the boundaries of physical and emotional states as they literally topple from one into the other, always looking for balance.

The power game between animated bodies and music requires resilience and humour from all of those involved and takes you on a journey through personal abysses.

In cooperation with tanzbar_bremen

Extra information

Concept & Choreography: Günther Grollitsch / Choreographic assistance & Artistic direction BewegGrund: Susanne Schneider / Dancers: Jenny Ecke, Kilian Haselbeck, Esther Kunz, Alessandro Schiattarella, Oskar Spatz / Music & Composition: Florian Favre /Lighting Design: Barbara Widmer / Costumes: Arabella Miller /Stage construction: Christian Plep /Production: BewegGrund

Wrap-around work

Accompanying the performance of Kipppunkt BewegGrund can offer different formats of workshops:

  • 1 hour taster sessions
  • ½ day or 1 day workshops for first experiences in inclusive dance
  • 1 to 3 days workshops with professional dancers and local people with different abilities

BewegGrund's workshops incorporate elements of Contemporary Dance technique – made accessible for all abilities – Contact Improvisation and we work with choreographic ideas and improvisation.

Press Comments & Testimonials

"In the work of BewegGrund, much is moving - not least the idea of ​​the meanings of dance and disability. There is hardly any better way to express what equality means, and what limits it can break, than the encounter of dancers with and without disabilities."

Andreas Rieder, director of Swiss Bureau for equality of people with disability