Caglar Kimyoncu

Caglar Kimyoncu is a digital and video artist as well as a curator and arts consultant. Improvisation is central to the development and production of Caglar’s single and multi-screen film art. His continuing interest is in alternative representations of excluded voices, voices perceived as 'other', whether they be from a sexual, gender, disability or ethnic perspective. Much of Caglar’s work focuses on conscientious objection, conscription and non-violence.

Over the past 15 years, Caglar has worked and collaborated with other artists in a variety of media, including film and video production, website design, theatre sceneography, video and photo documentary, and script development. His practice includes collaborating with and mentoring artists, consulting with international arts organisations and film festivals, and curating digital arts. From 1999 to 2006, Caglar was the Artistic Director of the London Disability Film Festival.

  • Photo: Zeynep Dagli

    COnscription Exhibition

    Haydar Köyel as Gökmen Doğan, Hemi Yeroham as Yiğit Özpetek and Günalp Koçak as Ali Dönmez.

  • Photo: Zeynep Dagli

    COnscription Exhibition 2

    Haydar Köyel as Gökmen Doğan, Hemi Yeroham as Yiğit Özpetek and Günalp Koçak as Ali Dönmez.

  • Photo: Zeynep Dagli

    COnscription Exhibition 3

Contact details

Mette Philipsen
Artist Assistant

filmpro, Studio BG-06
Bow Arts Trust
183 Bow Road
London E3 2SJ



Duration: 35 minutes
Number of people on road: 2
Freight: Excess baggage

Freight details:

For a UK exhibition, the entire installation and equipment could be delivered by van. For an international exhibition, necessary materials, labour and equipment will be sourced locally, with a limited amount of essential equipment brought by plane.


COnscription is a four-channel film installation (Truman Brewery, London, May 2013) in a reconstructed military hospital room. Around the 30m2 installation, case studies of experiences of Turkish and global military service are presented. COnscription attracted over 400 visitors in London.

Extra information

2 projectors (could all be supplied locally).

The installation can be adapted according to a site’s restrictions.

Wrap-around work

An artist talk and a discussion on improvisation in contemporary artist film and art practices. The exhibition is equipped with access features (closed captions, audio descriptions) and accessible to the widest possible audience on matters to do with conscientious objection and excluded voices.

Press Comments & Testimonials

'Improvisation is the lifeblood of Caglar’s film art. He invariably forgoes script in favour of an approach which puts the cast and crew deep inside the creative process and removes all familiar signposts for both actors and audience. From relentless improvisation, COnscription grew into a film installation based around a single long take of four actors exploring the ways in which psychiatric assessment for compulsory military service affects people on the outside of mainstream society.'

Joe McConnell, Disability Arts Online


'This is a kind of storytelling which brings you incredibly close to the protagonists but denies you any easy answers or comforting explanations.'

Joe McConnell, Disability Arts Online


'Conscientious objection is little enough dealt with in mainstream political discourse, let alone as the subject for a gallery installation. So it was encouraging, and probably groundbreaking in a London context, that filmpro made conscientious objection (and, in particular, conscientious objection in Turkey) the subject of a two-week installation at an east London gallery during May, called COnscription.'

Albert Beale, War Resisters International