Cathy Waller Company

Cathy Waller Company produce explosive and vibrant contemporary dance work that incorporates live music and original composition. The unique choreographic vocabulary of the Company is the outcome of a pure focus and collaboration between movement, sound and rhythm. This disabled led Company was founded in 2012 by award winning Choreographer, Cathy Waller. Alongside national touring and performance work, the Company runs extensive educational programs, as well advocating for disability in the Arts.

  • Photo © Rachel Cherry

    Cathy Waller Company: Double Bill

  • Image © Victor Frankowski

    Louder than Words at Brighton Festival 2015

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Cathy Waller
Artistic Director & Choreographer

East London, UK

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Cathy Waller



Cathy Waller Company - Meet the Performers


Cathy Waller Company - Double Bill

Duration: 70mins
Number of people on road: 8
Freight: Excess baggage

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An invigorating double bill programme of soulful, pulsating contemporary dance, teamed with eclectic live music.


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Opening work ‘Tempo’ is the developed original work by Cathy Waller Company. Expanding it’s deep rhythmic percussion sound and pushing the dancers to their physical limits, this piece divulges into Cathy Waller’s distinct choreographic style; the bond between sound and visual movement. With resounding acclaim from critics, dance organisations and supporters, the full length ‘Tempo’ is eagerly awaited.

Closing work ‘Three’, a dance duet with risk. The live percussion is composed and created live in front of both dancers and audience. With the use of microphones, electronics and an assortment of instruments, the sound is looped, layered, tuned and distorted, making one man into an orchestra. ‘Three’ gives us the live impact of creation. The dancers adhere and follow the creation, completely at the mercy of composition.

Louder than Words

Duration: 23mins
Number of people on road: 5
Freight: Excess baggage

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In this brand new, explosive and dynamic outdoor work, two dancers compete, test and outdo each other while being challenged by the multiple instruments and percussion played live alongside them. As the powerful, beat-heavy sound intensifies, all the performers are drawn into a competition between movement and music, striving to outshine each other in a vigorous and vibrant display.

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Outdoor work

Press Comments & Testimonials

"Cathy Waller has established herself as one of the most exciting choreographers to watch out for."
Hakeem Onibudo, British Council Ambassador

"Cathy Waller won the London Dance Award 2012 recently, as well as the Blueprint Bursary, and her work, Tempo, for four women is absorbing in its physical control and unison, accompanied by the brilliantly-played original percussion score by Christopher Preece. (The dancers) crouched, stretched and were impeccably together like synchronized swimmers, their pony tails swishing as their toned bodies performed the intricacies of the floor patternings."
Margaret Willis, Dance Tabs

"Cathy creates work that is fast paced, accessible and collaborative and that really explores the relationship between music and dance."
Polly Risbridger, Artictic Director of East London Dance