Chelle Destefano

Chelle is an established Visual Artist, having graduated with a bachelor in Visual Arts and Applied Design in 2007.

She works mainly with watercolour, ink and wash, and mixed media. She has a love for the illustrative style and enjoys working within it and outside the usual bounds. Chelle will draw anything that captures her eye and mind, and takes herself into an imaginative field where she comes up with odd ideas that find their way onto paper. The volksys playing pool or Taxi bug going upstairs inside a house are examples or a ghost in an unexpected place. Sometimes she will stumble across an abandoned place and try to narrate it back to its heyday or she dreams about something and illustrates it the next day. She finds herself feeling excited about working on an art piece and Chelle can often be found in her art studio that she converted a third bedroom in the house into, working on a drawing or painting.

The intent of Chelle's artworks is to tell a story to the audience, either a fiction or theoretical depending on the themes. The visual stories are designed both to entertain and to make the audience think about the possibilities within the story and convey into the world. The themes are sub-sets of the visual stories.

Chelle does commissions and makes her own projects, creating bodies of artwork in watercolour illustrations and as art books. At the moment she is working on a project about her volksy bug Taxi on adventures and another called Blue Ghosts. She is currently represented by Art Images Gallery in Norwood, Adelaide, South Australia.

You can view more of my artworks at

  • Abandoned High Tea

  • Clairvoyant Bug

  • Di Briffas House

  • Hallway Phone

  • Harrys the Barton

  • Masonry Hall

  • Taxi Alien Fishing

  • Taxi Cake Shop

  • The Barton

Chelle Destefano - Artist CV


2001 – 2006                 Bachelor of Visual Arts and Applied Design – O’Halloran Hill TAFE Campus

2008 – 2009                 Cert IV in Screen and Animation – Hamilton College (Adult Education Department)



2016                               Richard Llewellyn Arts grant – funding for Wait of World Exhibition in Melbourne

2015                               Selected to show in a juried art show in Paris

2015                               Selected for the Venice Biennial, Italy with Exposure Program with Luca Curci Gallery

2015                               Arts SA Makers and Presenter’s Grant for Blue Ghosts Exhibition in Melbourne, March 2015

2015                               Acquired by Art Images Gallery, Norwood for ongoing consignments of my watercolour illustrations

2014                               Richard Llewellyn Arts grant – funding to attend Arts Activated Conference, October 2014

2014                               Dawn Slade-Faull Award – Painting/illustration

2014                               Major Prize Award – Public Exhibition Award by Art Images Gallery; Abandoned Room I, Adelaide Royal Show

2014                               First Prize Award in Open Encouragement Special Award, for One Year’s Membership at Adelaide Art Society – Salty Lime Café, Adelaide Royal Show

2013 – 2014                 Armature #2 Program workshop relating to curation, promoting own art practices, festival and exhibition involvement

2012                               Richard Llewellyn Arts grant – painting/illustration

2010                               First prize recipient for the Dream Series II at the Deaf Arts Show


Solo Exhibitions

2016           (upcoming) October - Blue Ghosts Abroad

                    Australian Embassy, London, UK
Exhibition of Blue Ghost works including new works               


2016           (upcoming) September - Chelle's Collections in Paris!

                     Galerie Metanoia, Paris, France

                    Exhibition of ranges of collections including the popular Blue Ghost works, volky series, Europe 2015 works, and the Rainbow Abstract collection


2016           (upcoming) July - Wait of World II

                    Artisan Framing Gallery


2016           (upcoming) May - June - Wait of the World

                    Gasworks, Art Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria

                    Exhibition of works relating to the world changes and the perceptions within, A1 sized watercolour illustrations


2015           October – November – Volky’s Adventures II

                    Art Images Gallery, Norwood, Adelaide, South Australia

                    Solo exhibition featuring all large sized (A2 - A1 size) watercolour illustrations of Taxi and other Volkys on Adventures Series II


2015           June – Inking History - Thebarton

                    West Torrens Council Gallery

                    Solo exhibition of illustrations on the heritage buildings of Hindmarsh, Adelaide, South Australia


2015           April – Onkaparinga Celebration Month
Manolis Mezes Café
Solo Exhibition on illustrations of Port Noarlunga’s main street shops


2015           March – April – Roam the Blue Ghosts I
House of Bricks, Collingwood, Melbourne
Solo exhibition on ghosts in abandoned places in watercolour illustrations


2014           September – October - Semaphore Art Walk
Semaphore Road (Semaphore’s main street) in conjunction with Semaphore Street Assoc. exhibiting my artworks in 7 different shops


2014           August - Rainbow World Series 2
Adelaide Convention Centre – SALA Festival
Exhibition of Further Advanced Rainbow Works on Wood 2 (Paintings) for the SALA Festival


2014           May to June - Port Noarlunga My Home Town
Port Noarlunga Arts Centre
Solo exhibition of watercolour drawings of the town Port Noarlunga


2014           April to May - Rainbow World Series 1
SA Writers Centre
Rainbow Works on Wood 1 (Paintings)


2014           Jan to Feb - Thickened Gesso set
Manolis Mezes Café in Port Noarlunga

Group Exhibitions

2016           April - NOW Exhibition at Artisan Framing Gallery


2015           December - Juried Art Show: A Single Grain of Rice, Gallery Metanoia, Paris, France

                    Three watercolour illustrations

2015           November - Venice Biennale, Italy, Luca Curci Gallery in Ca' Zanardi Palezzo
                    Collection of Blue Ghost artworks; 4 pieces 


2014           Christmas Exhibition - Art Images, Norwood, SA
Collection of illustrations of Taxi’s Adventures (3 watercolour works)


2014           October – Volky Adventures Collaboration
Adelaide Convention Centre as a second invitation for Artbeat
Volky Adventures I in watercolour by me, and mosaics by new emerging artist Roberta Sassi


- Various commissions ordered on themes including Blue Ghosts, Venice collection and Volksy Adventures Collection 

2016           - Upcoming - Second deck collaboration of Carnival theme with the same global group that created the tarot deck earlier in 2014,           designing one card for the deck

2015           - Second deck collaboration of Nautical theme with the same global group that created the tarot deck earlier in 2014, designing one card for the deck

- Five private commissions for people relating to their favourite things, family and pets, their life stories

                    - Corporate/Public: big body of work of a historical town for the council of West Torrens


2014           - Typewriter and Camera duo, private commission

- illustrations for a ceramic artist (this is in progress now)
                    - First and Limited Edition deck collaboration of Fantasy theme with a global group, designing one card for the deck

                    - The SAHMRI building on corner North Terrace and West Terrace, commissioned by SA NT Datalink within the Uni SA and Health SA boards – large illustration of the building from the outside, view from across the road, almost architectural style illustration

                    - Rainbow abstracts (private commissions):
  August – 1m x 1m Rainbow abstract June – 3 piece large Rainbow abstract work at 500mm x 450mm each piece March – Rainbow abstract work 600mm x 600mm, framed

Private/Public collections

2015           - International; France - purchase of a volky piece from the juried group exhibition

2015           - Local, national and international collection of the Volky (Vdub) Adventure Series

2015           - Thebarton historical buildings body of work of 10 pieces, public collection by the West Torrens Council

2015           - Local and national collection of 12 Blue Ghost series

2014           - Local collections of five of the Rainbow Abstract series on show at Adelaide Convention. Local collections of 7 artworks from Port Noarlunga exhibition. Local collections of the thickened gesso series (3 of these, acquired from Manolis Mezes)

2012           - France - Red Phone in Hallway from Vintage is Good exhibition)
- Local collections of 7 artworks from Vintage is Good exhibition

2011           - Local collection of the second Dream Series



2015           Teaching at a Workshop under Access2Arts - for artists who want to learn how to market their arts

2014           Attended Arts Activated Conference and was invited by international art bodies to show my art in the UK for 2015 and 2016

2014           Art Teacher at Brighton Primary School, guest role leading to an invitation to do a Christmas special and then ongoing once a term in 2015 pending approval from the principle – October 2014

2014           Guest speaker about my arts at Windsor Gardens Secondary College – July 2014



2015           East Meets West Design Week, UK; feature article introducing my artist profile into the UK Arts



2015           Empty Easel online art magazine: article on my watercolour works, May 2015; 

2015           Talking Points quarterly magazine of City of West Torrens, Adelaide, South Australia, Autumn 2015 Edition. One page featuring my artworks on the historical buildings of Thebarton, in the West Torrens area

2015           Crowd Crux on my Kickstarter project about Roam the Blue Ghosts Art project at

2015           The Amazing Australian Artists book – two page spread of my arts and bio

2014           SA Life on the Semaphore Art Walk














Contact details

Chelle Destefano
Visual Artist, Freelance Illustrator and Artist Business Administration

12 Essexvale Avenue,
Huntfield Heights,
5163, South Australia

Artistic Director(s)

Chelle Destefano




Blue Ghosts

Duration: 30240
Number of people on road: Two people - Chelle the artist and her arts manager and support person.
Freight: Freight necessary

Freight details:

It is expected freight will deliver the framed artworks to the gallery in Melbourne, and the chosen freight is Pack and Send who are a reputable courier company that deals with artworks.


This is a visual art exhibition by Chelle Destefano, showing 10 pieces of large scale illustrations based on old places and abandoned places and ghosts that surround and tell the story. The artworks are created with pen, ink, watercolour and some mixed mediums altogether, and on large size watercolour paper (A3 to A2, some A1).

Extra information

The art exhibition will be shown in Melbourne at House Of Bricks Gallery from March until April and it encompasses the story telling nature of old places. The opening night will be on the 20th March and it is estimated about 150 to 200+ people will be attending the exhibition. It is hoped that the exhibition will expand my prospects further, and possibly abroad. Chelle would like to show this exhibition abroad in London or other parts of Europe where she has a large fan base who enjoy her artworks and new audiences who would get the chance to view her artwork and gain insight into the artist.

Wrap-around work


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