Dilan Aydemir

Dilan Aydemir is a disabled visual artist from Turkey who works in multimedia. Her work is heavily influenced by the Mexican disability icon, Frida Kahlo. Employing the Tableau Vivant style, Aydemir recreates famous artworks by Frida Kahlo in short self-portrait videos, placing herself at the centre. Aydemir draws parallels between her lived experience as a disabled female artist and Kahlo's, heavily referencing the internal struggle experienced by the latter about her identity as a disabled woman.

  • Dilan Aydemir

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Dilan Aydemir
Student/Visual Communication Design


Artistic Director(s)

Dilan Aydemir


Email: d_d_y_c@windowslive.com
Web: https://vimeo.com/user63535232
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dilan.aydemir.21

Video self portrait inspired by Frida Kahlo's 'Self Portrait with Cropped Hair' (1940).


Self Portraits Frida Kahlo/Tableau Vivant Frida Kahlo

Number of people on road: At least 2 people
Freight: Freight necessary

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A series of short films which recreate artworks by Frida Kahlo. The videos can be screened separately or together. The videos should be projected on to a white wall, or curtain, with no lighting.