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Epic Arts believes together we can build a society where every person counts. We use the arts as a powerful tool for transformation that explores and celebrates the richness of diversity through creative experiences. We work with people of all abilities and backgrounds through our Inclusive Education, Community and Social Enterprise Programmes to encourage a change in perceptions and attitudes at both a personal, and public level. We promote the message that every person counts, every person is a unique and creative individual and every person is equal.

  • Dancers perform duet as part of Come Back Brighter

  • Sokun performs solo part in Come Back Brighter

  • Epic Encounters perform Come Back Brighter

Through our Inclusive Education, Community and Social Enterprise Programmes we use the arts to achieve four key goals:

  1. Spread themessage that every person counts

  2. Be sustainable in all areas within the organisation

  3. Raise our profile as a leading international inclusive arts organisation

  4. Ensure high quality and best practice in all areas of our work 

Contact details

Anthony Evans
Co-Director (Executive Director)

Sovann Sakor,
Kompong Kandal,
PO Box 737, Kampot, Cambodia

Epic Arts,
Attenborough Arts Centre,
Lancaster Road,
Leicester LE1 7HA,
United Kingdom


Come Back Brighter

Duration: 45 minutes
Number of people on road: 9
Freight: No freight necessary

Freight details:


Come Back Brighter is a performance show, which combines traditional and modern dance to tell the story of Cambodia’s Golden Era, tragic past and exciting future.

Performed by Epic Encounters, a company of dancers with and without disabilities the show uses storytelling through physical theatre, video and movement.

Extra information

Come Back Brighter was created by emerging Cambodian Choreographer, Nim Narim, and funded by Arts Council England to tour the UK before returning for an 11 week run in the dancers hometown of Kampot.

The Four Footed Doctor

Duration: 30 minutes
Number of people on road: 9
Freight: Excess baggage

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The Four Footed Doctor tells the story of a disfigured baby abandoned by his family, the story demonstrates how one man’s desire to overcome obstacles in his life, leads to him become an exceptional human being. Based on the traditional Khmer fable and combining elements of puppetry, shadow work, magic, dance and theatre.

Extra information

developed by Epic Arts and Sue Broadway, Westside Circus including choreography from Kathryn Spence.

Press Comments & Testimonials

"a journey through Cambodia’s turbulent history, told via a breath-taking combination of theatre, video and dance."