Fingersmiths aims are to:

  • provide a transformational impact across the arts sector
  • attract new Deaf practitioners, audiences and participants
  • breathe life into established texts and create new and inspirational theatre
  • engage with and provide a unique, creative learning experience for professional artists
  • create a welcoming and immersive atmosphere with all our partners.
  • Photo by Alison Baskerville

    Frozen by Bryony Lavery

  • Photo by Alison Baskerville

    Frozen by Bryony Lavery

Contact details

Jeni Draper
Artistic Director

53 Gaywood Road
London E17 4QA
United Kingdom

Artistic Director(s)

Jeni Draper





Showreel for Frozen, by Bryony Lavery, which toured in spring 2014.

Wrap-around work

A range of workshops for both Deaf and Hearing students and adults. These cover Deaf Awareness and basic BSL, bi-lingual theatre, working with Deaf and hearing actors on stage, creative work with interpreters, non-verbal story telling.

Residencies and masterclasses are available too.

Press Comments & Testimonials

'I think this is a cracking new company with an extraordinary USP.'

Bryony Lavery, playwright Frozen