Heart & Sold

Heart & Sold supports creative people who happen to have Down syndrome. Its aim is to educate, inspire, raise awareness and prove that these individuals can do or be whatever they want to be.

Heart & Sold also represents and facilitates the sale of the artists’ artwork. Providing a platform and a future for some of the finest contemporary artists who happen to have Down syndrome.

From filmmaking and photography to various types of visual arts and sculpture, the artworks are full of insight, instinct and fresh ideas. Heart & Sold works solely for the sake of the art and the artists. To build their confidence through encouragement, support and often working closely with family and carers.

  • All Images Copyright Heart & Sold on behalf of the Artist.

    'Sonic Screwdrivers', by John Groarke. Ceramic.

  • Image © Heart and Sold

    'Aurora Freeze’, by Anthony Childs.

    Original artwork 76.2 x 76.2 cm / Acrylic painting on canvas.

  • Image © Heart and Sold

    ‘Autumn’ by Andrew Weatherly.

    Original artwork / Acrylic on Canvas.

  • Image © Heart and Sold

    'My Interpretation of Monet’s Lillies’ by Christopher Lodge.

    Original artwork 45.5 x 35.5cm / Acrylic painting on canvas.

  • Image © Heart and Sold

    'The Common Room’ by Fiona Stevenson.

    Original artwork 50x40cm / Oil painting on canvas.

  • Image © Heart and Sold

    ‘Snow White and 7 People with Disability’ by Fionn Angus.

    Original artwork / 42.7 x 30.2cm - Tea & Ink drawing on paper.

  • Image © Heart and Sold

    ‘Cats the Musical’ by Josephine Goddard.

    Original artwork 101.5 x 81.5cm / Mixed media painting.

  • Image © Heart and Sold

    ‘Lake Tabourie’ by Josie Webster.

    Original artwork 61x50.5cm / Oil painting on canvas.

  • Image © Heart and Sold

    ‘Hello’ by Lester Magoogan.

    Giclee Ultrachrome Print on 29.7x42cm Fabriano 50% rag/cotton paper.

  • Image © Heart and Sold

    ‘Love’ by Charlie French.

    Original artwork - Painting on canvas, 122 x 76 cm / Acrylic painting on Canvas.

  • Image © Heart and Sold

    ‘Palms’ by Mohamed Dalloul.

    Photographic print on A3 sized 215gms high white 100% cotton rag paper.

  • Image © Heart and Sold

    ‘It’s all in the detail’ by Oliver Hellowell.

    Photographic print on A3 sized 215gms high white 100% cotton rag paper.

  • Image © Heart and Sold

    ‘Hearts for Alleman’ by Peter Escott.

    Original artwork 60.96 x 50.8 cm - Ink drawing on tyvek synthetic paper.

  • Image © Heart and Sold

    ‘Porthcurno’ by Tazia Fawley.

    Original artwork, 50x40cm / Acrylic painting.

  • Image © Heart and Sold

    ‘Still Rejoicing’ by Teniola Olojo.

    Original artwork 32.7x22cm / Ink drawing on paper.

  • Image © Heart and Sold

    ‘Untitled’ by Tommy Kemp.

    Original artwork 100cm x 39.5cm / Ink drawing on paper.

The public face of Heart & Sold
 was launched in the form of a small pilot exhibition in 2012, with the help and support of the UK’s Down’s Syndrome Association. A fully interactive website soon followed, allowing people to learn about the artists and to buy limited edition prints of their works.

Heart & Sold’s presence continued to grow, aided in no small way by the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge acceptance of one of our artist’s original works for Prince George’s nursery in 2013.

Heart & Sold is now growing internationally, with shows including cities such as New York. It now has more scope and more opportunities to find, support and encourage new artists and so long as the artists are happy with the idea, they can now effectively promote their work across the world.

The creativity speaks for itself. It’s not about a medical condition as such — that’s why these artworks do so much to challenge general preconceived ideas about disability.

Contact details

Suzie Moffat
Director & Founder

Heart & Sold Limited
16 Tytherington Park Rd
SK10 2EL

Artistic Director(s)

Suzie Moffat


Email: suzie@heartandsold.org.uk
Web: http://heartandsold.org.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heartandsoldorg/

Heart & Sold: Our Story (so far)

A short documentary capturing the essence of the pioneering art exhibition 'The Reveal' by the artist's collective 'Heart & Sold' held at The Menier gallery, London in March 2014 can be seen here: https://vimeopro.com/user5076607/heart-and-sold-inside-the-reveal

Press Comments & Testimonials

The State of the Arts - March 27, 2016: "Attending art exhibitions can often be an overwhelming and demanding experience. Therefore when I visit a gallery, that moves me without requiring vast amounts of thought, makes me laugh but is void of cynicism and is interesting without being evidently intellectual, it makes me a very happy chappy.It was inspiring to see materials utilised and handled in novel and new ways, beautiful images created with humble supplies such as felt tips, spilt tea and biros."

Manchester Evening News - March 18, 2016: "The Heart & Sold exhibition has proved to be an international sensation...the exhibition was really the first of its kind to offer a prestigious and global platform to artists who all happen to have a Down syndrome. Here, says Suzie, they met many talented artists who also lived with the condition but whose work was not being shown by mainstream galleries, and so the artists themselves were unable to experience the potential career opportunities the art world could offer."

Mail On-line - June 18th, 2016: "They are the world's only international collective of artists with Down syndrome, otherwise their artistic talents cover a diverse range of styles and mediums, from line drawings, landscapes in oils, portraits in acrylics, laser cut collages, film-making, photography, jewellery making and watercolours."