Heart n Soul

Heart n Soul is an award-winning creative arts company. We believe in the talents and power of people with learning disabilities. We offer a range of opportunities for people to take part, train in a new skill, or develop their artistic talents. Artists and participants share their work live, recorded or online for as many different people to enjoy as possible. Our vision is of people with a learning disability living full and equal lives with independence, freedom and pride.

  • Photo by Christopher Andreou

    Allsorts - Creative sessions for adults with learning disabilities

  • Photo by Tim Mitchell
  • Photo by Felipe Pagani

We make inclusive creative spaces where people are free to express themselves and learn. We encourage experimentation in all things.

Key Artists include award-winning singer Lizzie Emeh and live band The Fish Police.

Key Events include the multi-media club nights The Beautiful Octopus Club, for adults, and Squidz Club for young people.

Key Projects Allsorts – creative arts for adults taking part, Do Your Own Thing – creative arts for young people taking part, Heart n Soul's SoundLab - award-winning innovative digital music-making project

Contact details

Emily Pain
Project Manager

Heart n Soul
The Albany
Douglas Way
London SE8 4AG
United Kingdom

Artistic Director(s)

Mark Williams


Email: info@heartnsoul.co.uk
Web: http://www.heartnsoul.co.uk
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HeartnSoulArt

Heart n Soul: Who We Are


Wrap-around work

Allsorts - Weekly creative sessions for adults with learning disabilities aged 18+

Do Your Own Thing - Monthly creative sessions for young people with learning disabilities aged 10-25

The Beautiful Octopus Club - Multi-media club night, held at Southbank Centre. Open to all.

The Squidz Club - A club night for young people with learning disabilities (aged 10-25) their friends and families

Press Comments & Testimonials

“The band create some of the catchiest and most uplifting left-field pop music you will hear” The Guardian talking about The Fish Police

I find it more invigorating and funny the more I listen to it… If I’d have passed on to them (my children) Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue, I feel like I’d have given them a lesson in an objective standard of beauty, but actually it’s this which is about our experience and life and hanging out together, you kinda hope they remember that really, having a laugh with their parents at a hilarious, brilliant song.” - Stewart Lee, Radio 4 –talking about The Fish Police's track Chicken Nuggets For Me

"I don’t dress up my real life, I say it how it is’ says soul singer Lizzie Emeh on her music. It’s the heart of the appeal of this pioneering artist, the first with a learning disability to release a UK-wide album" - M magazine talking about Lizzie Emeh