Krazy Kat Theatre Company

Creating visual theatre with creative and original use of sign languge for young audiences, Deaf and mixed ability, their families and friends, Krazy Kat tours the UK and beyond with work that bristles with ingenuity and good humour.

Established in 1982 Krazy Kat Theatre Company has a reputation for witty and elegant age appropriate work that promotes access to the arts for the Deaf community and champions the value of sign language to the hearing. Our work is international in content, specific in age appropriateness, and universal in its appeal.

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Easy set ups of two hours and minimal technical requirements have made Krazy Kat a popular and non-threatening company to host. Our work is seen as ambitious and distinctive, taking remarkably high quality performances into the heart of the community, celebrating difference and diversity. Our unique comedy style has made us popular in communities where English is not the first language, and we have been invited to festivals as far flung as New Zealand, Holland, Spain and U.S.A.

Contact details

Linda Andersson

173 Hartington Road
East Sussex

A short introduction to Krazy Kat Theatre Company's work.


Cinder -Ella

Duration: 55
Number of people on road: 2-3
Freight: Freight necessary

Freight details:

Transit Van full. Set and props.



ONCE UPON A TIME... there was a Grandfather who was left holding a rather leaky baby. Whilst tidying away the toys he creats a world of fantasy and tells her this favourite story of Cinderella. With dolls, puppets,music, magic tricks and an old pram, he even gets to sing... An elegant and witty storytelling extravaganza celebrating the need for fantasy, silliness and red noses.

Extra information

A solo show, with one technician, taking up 5m x 5m space and needing acess to a lighting rig.
Set up is two hours, get out 45 mins.
Suitable for relaxed performances. Audience ages 3-7 and families, up to 200 seater theatres acceptable. We also visit schools. We provide posters/ flyers for overprinting, photos and copy for press.


Oliver in the Overworld by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazelwood

Duration: 55 mins
Number of people on road: Five - Four Performers and one Techie
Freight: Freight necessary

Freight details:

Small Transit van full of puppets, set and dreams...


The first EVER musical for Deaf Children! Oliver in the Overworld is a funny, picaresque tale of a little deaf boy who goes to the Overworld to see The Clockwork King, in order to get a new memory for Oliver, his Grandfather Clock. With the usual magic of krazy Kat's brlliant puppetry, 10 super songs with live accompianment, featuring Sign Languge throughout, this is a daft and delightful romp created by multi- award winning Artistic Director Kinny Gardner. B.C.A.a. and is a unique ecvent in world theatre!

Extra information

Two-Three day bookings only with set up on first morning. And a four hour get in, wth sound check. We bring mics, you give the sound system and lights. Cast of four, including Musical Director (Keyboards). Get out of an hour. Two dressing rooms needed. Can play on other sets if floor flat...Suitable as an evening family event, and as a Relaxed Performance.

Rapunzel and her Witch

Duration: 55 mins
Number of people on road: 3 = Two actors and one Techie.
Freight: Freight necessary

Freight details:

Small Transit Van full of props, puppets and dreams...


"Stuck in a tower, hour after hour" she sings to herself...wht would you do? Join us for this tall tale of princesses and pigtails, of potions and pizzas, as Rapunzel begins to find out there is more to life than just visits from her witch. Multi-award winning Artistic Director Kinny Gardner B.C.A.a. creates a whole new take on this classic tale, with beautiful puppets, magical transformations, Sign Language and big laughs guaranteed. Showcasing Krazy Kats mastery of visual storytelling,this work bristles with creativity and humour.

Extra information

Easy set up of hour and a half, taking up a space of 5m x 5m. One dressing room. We use your lights, but can bring p.a. Get out 45 minutes.

Wrap-around work

Age and ability specific theatre workshops in both English and BSL. After show discussions. Residencies.

Press Comments & Testimonials

"Brilliant! So visual, and all in SIGN!"

BBC See HEAR Television Programme



"Krazy Kat's singularly passionate work is undergoing a noticable expansion, both in their inventiveness and in the critical reception they are receiving."

The Guardian