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Marc Brew Company is committed to developing innovative collaborative work that interweaves a physicality derivative of strong contemporary dance technique. The choreographer employs the use of line and extension, with intricate folding, placement and re-placement. This complex use of the body fused with a very human content offers audiences a clear, intricate and emotive experience. The works created by the company can be thought of as a series of physical conversations, encounters and interventions that reflect what it is to be human.

  • Photographer Eoin Carey. Image © Marc Brew Company

    Marc Brew Company in a publicity shot for I(l)and.

  • Photographer Susan Hay. Image © Marc Brew Company

    Marc Brew in For Now, I am...

  • Photographer Susan Hay. Image © Marc Brew Company

    Marc Brew in For Now, I am...

  • Photographer Susan Hay. Image © Marc Brew Company

    BREWBAND Rehearsals

  • Photographer Susan Hay. Image © Marc Brew Company

    BREWBAND Rehearsals

Marc Brew is an award winning Australian performer, director and choreographer. Now based in Glasgow, Marc’s work has been toured to critical acclaim across the world, his outdoor work (i)land was  commissioned for the Glasgow 2014 Cultural programme and Without Walls. Marc has also produced work for a number of high profile companies such as Ballet Cymru, AXIS Dance Company (USA), Candoco Dance Company, Scottish Dance Theatre, Touch Compass Dance Company (NZ), Amy Seiwert’s Imagery  (USA), The London Contemporary Dance School and YDance. In 2015 Marc created Exalt for Scottish Ballet  and Indepen-dance, the first integrated work to be made for a national ballet company. Marc has been presented with a Centenary Medal for Outstanding Contribution as a dancer and choreographer and in 2014 Marc was nominated for Outstanding   Achievement in Performance at the prestigious Isadora Duncan Awards for his solo piece Remember When. Marc is Associate Artistic Director at Ballet Cymru and Guest Artistic Director for AXIS Dance Company.

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Susan Hay

Artistic Director(s)

Marc Brew



For Now, I am... (Promo video)



For Now, I am

Duration: 40
Number of people on road: 6
Freight: Excess baggage

Freight details:

One additional case


Following on from Brew’s acclaimed Remember When which recalled his training and body as he knew it as an elite ballet dancer, For Now I am engages directly with his body as it is now, 18 years on since his life changing car accident, investigating and exposing his changed form.

Featuring Brew’s signature fierce physicality with tender expression to explore an emotional narrative in dance, a newly commissioned music score composed by Claire McCue and striking visual projections by Jamie Wardrop and an exquisite lighting design by Andy Hamer, For Now I am explores the journey of getting to know and learning to accept a changed body and new ways of living and performing.

Marc Brew Company creates work in collaboration with disabled and non-disabled artists, drawing on the unique physicality of each performer creating dance that is honest, unsentimental and recognisably human. 


Duration: 30mins
Number of people on road: 7
Freight: Freight necessary

Freight details:

Completely flat surface and site needs to be fully accessible by lorry to drop off 6 tons of sand
Scenography consists of wooden blocks bolted together, and some rigging for rope ladder & pole structures. The wooden blocks are then covered in sand.


Faced with life on a deserted island, three characters uncover a means of escape back to civilisation. As the narrative unfolds, the characters find pieces of a vehicle buried in the sand that will take them off the island. They work together to build the craft, only to find that it will carry only one of them. 

(i)land centres on a 6 ton pile of sand representing the land the characters find themselves in, and this provides a safe dance space in which Marc can explore movement in solo, duet and trio forms away from his wheelchair.

Drawing inspiration from stories such as The Lord of the Flies, Lost and Castaway, and the legends of the Highland clearances and Australian outback, (i)land aims to engage audiences in questions about perceptions of the body in dance, the politics of disability, isolation and exclusion, ingenuity and invention.

Extra information

Part of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme, supported by Without Walls

Performers: Rebecca Evans, Rob Heaslip, Marc Brew

Set and Costume Design: Will Holt

Composition: Scott Patterson

Production Manager: Joe Hornsby

Stage Manager: Sinead Sexton

Producer: David Morgan at 53 degrees North

Tour Bookings: Sarah Trist at Sarah Trist Dance Management Agency

PR and Media Relations: Joseph Blythe

Location: Outdoors, Festivals and non tradtional spaces


Duration: TBC
Number of people on road: 9-10
Freight: No freight necessary

Freight details:

This piece is still in it's creation period. To discuss possible freight requirements, please contact Susan


BREWBAND is a new live integrated interactive music and dance production under construction where boundaries between musicians and dancers blur as they take on each other’s role. Bringing together Artistic Director/Choreographer Marc Brew and some of theScotland’s hottest top musicians Graeme Smillie (Bass – Unwinding Hours, Lord Cut Glass, The Vaselines), Peter Kelly and Jill O’Sullivan (BDY_PRTS, Sparrow And The Workshop) with dancers (Rebecca Evans, Alice Sheppard, and Martyn Garside). Exploring identity and how that changes through circumstance

Extra information

BREWBAND will be available to tour in Spring 2018. Please contact Susan Hay  to express your interest in the work and how you or your organisation can support the work through partnership, co-collaboration, sponsorship and booking the work for future tour dates. 

Please click on this link to watch a trailer for Brewband.

Wrap-around work

Marc runs a series of Masterclasses, choreographic intensives, workshops and residencies.  He can also offer teacher training for dancers, professionals and educators and is often asked to attend conventions and conferences.  For more information please visit

Press Comments & Testimonials

For Now, I am...

“Marc Brew’s investigation of his damaged body is a profoundly moving and strangely exhilarating experience.” ***** The Stage

“... (a) beautifully composed and evocative solo.” **** The Guardian

"Absolutely Breathtaking"  Disability Arts Online


"A mighty half hour - lets hope it tours" **** The Herald