Mikkokoo generally works within the electronic music genre but also dabbles with experimental, dance, pop and other genres. Songs about hidden feelings, taboos, minority issues using music and sounds with abstract videos. Think Klaus Nomi and Nico meets with Ziggy Stardust.

  • Photo by Minna Ruohonen
  • Photos by Tero Puha

Contact details

Mikko Karhu
Sound Artist/Musician

Artistic Director(s)

Mikko Karhu


Email: rollingvagrants@yahoo.co.uk
Web: http://mikkokoo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mikkokookoo

Gauzes Video Album

"Gauzes" digital download available here and all other major download stores. CD available on http://mikkokoo.bandcamp.com. Includes CD only track "Holster".


Somersault Live

Duration: 15
Number of people on road: 1, sometimes 2.
Freight: No freight necessary

Freight details:


Second release of original music by Mikkokoo.

Extra information

Co-written by Losta, produced, arranged and mixed by Losta.

Press Comments & Testimonials

"'Gauzes' is avant-garde electronica for sure but throws in divergent hand grenades of different genres and properly experimental moments to create the single most creative album I've heard all of last year."
- Rob Dyer,

"'The album surprises and confronts the listener, and if you listen to the lyrics you realise it’s more or less a concept album with the base theme of life and getting through it."
- Lisa Hafey,