Signdance Collective International

Signdance Collective International was established as a platform to further the art form signdance theatre through international collaborations. SDCI are the pioneers of this art form which is a fusion of dance theatre, live music, and international sign language.

SDCI utilises film and the creative digital media in its work, and also engages with the street theatre arts.

SDCI exists to develop creatively brilliant, innovative performances working with an inclusive and diverse ensemble.

The company which tours from the second week of March to the start of November is co-directed by a deaf and disabled culturally diverse team of performer/directors working in close collaboration with artists such as Caridad Svich (USA) Goro Osojnik (Slovenia) Ethos International Festival (Turkey) and Omni Zona Franca (Cuba) Carovana SMI, Sardinia.

The Team consists of Isolte Avila (Cuba)  Pedro De Senna (Brazil) Paunika Jones(USA) Antoine Hunter (USA)Margarite Kaplan(USA)  Angelina Schwammerlin(Austria) Jane Jutsum(London) David Bower (Wales) Zoe Partington Zollinger (UK).

  • Credit: Carovana SMI Sardinia

    Carthage Aprodi Fest

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  • Photo: Graz Kultur

    Gertrude Mcfuzz

    Signdance for young audiences: Graz, Austria

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  • Photo: Graz Kultur photo IHC

    SDC with Iron Heel Collective

    San Francisco

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Contact details

Isolte Avila
Dance/Creative Director - International Collaborations

Signdance Collective International
Wycombe Arts Centre
Desborough Road London HP112PU
United Kingdom

Signdance Collective International trailer for the current production CARTHAGE


Carthage (Available from Spring 2017)

Duration: 75 minutes no interval
Number of people on road: 5
Freight: Excess baggage

Freight details:



Carthage/Cartagena is set in an imagined despoiled landscape that brings to mind the ancient city of Carthage. The play on words in the Spanish language is 'carta gena', which translates literally as 'letter from afar'. The performance text Carthage/Cartagena is a series of ten multi-lingual letters and song-poems from metaphorical places of dislocation. 

Extra information

  • Middle scale
  • Can be performed in set locations, outdoors and in theatres
  • Audience 12+
  • Live Music - 1 amplifier
  • Projections - the company carries one projector but needs two projectors
  • Lights - adaptable
  • Outdoor - no projectors and can be done in day or evening
  • The work is adaptable and the company uses its own access person inclusive within the company members. Two deaf, two hearing and one disabled performer.


Duration: 20 minutes
Number of people on road: 2
Freight: No freight necessary

Freight details:



black and white photo of two dancersHere 2008, made in Istanbul, is a 20-minute signdance duet choreographed by Primoz Bayzac - Slovenia.

It is a conversation between a man and a woman who are in the process of a breakup.

The detail is in the construction of the signdance work.

All the sentences they say are woven in signdance/contact .

It is a beautiful piece especially made for the company directors - Isolte Avila and David Bower - and has toured throughout the world.

You can view excerpts in the company showreel provided above.

The included film was made in Turkey by Caglar Kimyoncu.

Extra information

This piece is an excellent introduction to signdance and the form.

It uses live camera and film but can, and has been, toured outdoors in many different situations.

Signdance Theatre For Young Audiences - The Tale Of Gertrude Mc Fuzz & Yertle The Turtle

Duration: 30 minutes each
Number of people on road: 4
Freight: No freight necessary

Freight details:


Signdance Theatre for Children & Familes . These wonderful collaborations based on the Dr Seuss Stories anre produced in collaboration with Sardinia company-- Carovana SMI and feature an international cast and are performed multilingually and in international sign , with live intergrated music dance coontemporary clowning and excellent story-telling .

Extra information

The shows are  available to tour in gardens , school playgrounds , forests , and street theatre - courtyards 

Wrap-around work

Workshops on performance skills and making signdance, invite the participants to explore signdance theatre in their own terms. They utilise the talent of the individual and group enabling the participants to gain skills.

A three-day to one-week residency with SDCI can develop a signdance theatre work utilising live music, signdance and theatre as well as film. 

The company works well in higher education settings and international settings 

Press Comments & Testimonials

'Hypnotic, Poetic and Unruly, Signdance Collective represents the un-governable energy of art itself, railing and raging against tyranical forces.. Beautiful to behold'Caridad Svich NO PASSPORT - Gallitin  /New York University New York City 


'Signs Of Brilliance' Time Out 

Intoxicating and rousing work' Martin Hochgegger Graz December 2015

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