Spare Tyre

Spare Tyre is a leading participatory arts company based in London, which creates and tours work across the UK and beyond. We have 40 years experience of producing bold and powerful theatre with voiceless communities. We use innovative performing and digital arts to challenge prejudice and transform lives, enabling unheard stories to be told, shared and celebrated.

  • Copyright: Patrick Baldwin

    The Garden - performance for people with dementia.

  • Copyright: Patrick Baldwin

    Feeble Minds - performance featuring our inclusive company of older people and adults with learning disabilities.

  • Copyright: Patrick Baldwin

    Once Upon a Time - storytelling for people with dementia.

  • Copyright: Patrick Baldwin

    Spare Tyre Band - inclusive music group involving adults with learning disabilities.

Equal opportunities, accessibility and diversity are at the heart of what we do. We believe in a society that cares for its most vulnerable and holds on to its human rights and freedom of expression.

We currently work with adults with learning disabilities, people aged 60+, women who have experienced violence, people with dementia and carers, and economically disadvantaged communities.

Contact details

Lynette Shanbury
Executive Director

The Albany,
Douglas Way,
London, SE8 4AG

Artistic Director(s)

Arti Prashar



The Garden - a show designed for people with dementia


Spare Tyre Band

Duration: Variable
Number of people on road: Up to 12 including adults with learning disabilities with varying needs.
Freight: Excess baggage

Freight details:


Inspiring and animated, the Spare Tyre Band will get your toes tapping to their driving rhythms and impulsive beats.

The Spare Tyre Band has performed in various forms at events across London over the last five years, including Lambeth Country Show, the Olympic Torch Relay celebrations, and the Lord Mayor’s Show. This inclusive band, featuring performers with learning disabilities, create their own instruments made from recycled materials.

The band is available to perform at a range of outdoor events. Linked drum making workshops using recycled materials can also be provided.

The Garden

Duration: 60 minutes
Number of people on road: 3
Freight: Excess baggage

Freight details:


The Garden is an interactive performance and installation for people with dementia and their carers. Bringing the outdoors in, it takes participants on a multisensory journey through the seasons.

It can be performed in a range of spaces including residential care homes, day centres, community venues and arts venues.

During the performance, Spare Tyre artists create a safe space for communication and creative engagement, particularly focusing on methods of non-verbal communication. The Garden is person-centred, responsive to participants and bespoke to an individual’s mode of communication. The project is carefully designed to be appropriate to the physical and psychological needs of participants.

Wrap-around work


  • Training for carers who support people with dementia, focusing on creative communication methods
  • Professional development and mentoring for participatory artists at all levels
  • Creative workshops for adults with learning disabilities