Disability Arts International is inviting Deaf and disabled artists, and both disabled-led & inclusive companies, to create a self-managed online profile to share their work with promoters, venues, curators and programmers across the world.

Run by the British Council, we understand that disabled artists face a range of barriers in developing international artistic relationships and that additional promotional tools can only enhance international opportunities. 

Artists from anywhere in the world can have a profile. For artists in the UK, this resource enhances and does not replace any promotion of your work by the British Council's specialist arts teams.

There are only four eligibility criteria:

  1. You self-identify as a disabled artist, you are a disabled-led company, or your company is inclusive of disabled people.
  2. You create professional work. We usually define this as work which the general public pay money to experience, and where the artists are paid.
  3. You have work which is ready to tour/exhibit internationally. (There is no point in trying to attract international promoters/curators if your work isn’t ready yet!)
  4. You have the infrastructure to fulfil international touring, presenting or exhibition commitments. 

The process is simple:

-       Email us sending the following information:

  • Name of artist or company;
  • Company / artist contact name (Producer / studio manager etc);
  • Name of person to administer your profile;
  • Email address for profile administration;
  • Website Address.

-       If you fulfil the profile criteria, you will be sent a login and password to your own profile page, on which you are encouraged to describe your work, and to list key productions, exhibitions, films or events which you hope to introduce to international promoters.

-       You can also upload videos, photos and links, to help present your work.

-       We then check your entries to spot any errors (and to check content for anything inappropriate), and then publish your profile.

-       From then on, you update your own profile with new content and images (with us approving changes each time, for security).  

It’s that easy.

At the moment the website and all profiles are in English. Please note that the information you send must be in English.

Disability Arts International reaches arts professionals in 112 countries. Join our growing global community of disabled arts professionals and inclusive companies now!