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Aruna and the Raging Sun

By: Joe Turnbull On:

Aruna and the Raging Sun was a large scale outdoor performance which took place in Chennai, India in February 2018 to crowds of more than 6000. The project was an international collaboration between the UK’s Graeae Theatre Company, Spain’s La Fura dels Baus, Chennai-based Prakriti Foundation and a host of other local organisations including: Vidya Sagar, Krupa, Devasitham Charitable Foundation, Artspire, Wheelchair Basketball Federation of India and MGR Janaki College. Graeae’s Amit Sharma and representatives of some of the local partners reflect on the project.
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The National Trust: involving disabled users in designing access features can be transformative

By: Heather Smith On:

The National Trust is a charity caring for the historic environment across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It manages some 320 historic houses with collections which are open to visitors, many of which are registered museums. The National Trust’s Equality Specialist, Heather Smith details the journey it has been on to improve accessibility to its sites for disabled visitors.
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Country Profile: Portugal

By: Maria Vlachou On:

Maria Vlachou is Director of Acesso Cultura (Access Culture), a non-profit association of culture professionals and people interested in accessibility issues, based in Almada, Portugal. In the first of a series of country profiles by local experts, Vlachou gives an overview of the arts & disability and access initiatives in Portugal.
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IETM Brussels – looking to pluralist cultures for a better expression of equality

By: Vici Wreford-Sinnott On:

Vici Wreford-Sinnott is a disabled theatre director, playwright and equality strategist. She is Artistic Director of Little Cog, a disabled-led theatre company, and is Creative Lead and Co-Founder of Cultural Shift, a three-year disabled-led arts programme at ARC Stockton. Wreford-Sinnott was one of a cohort of UK-based disabled artists and producers awarded bursaries by the British Council to attend the latest IETM (International network for contemporary performing arts) event in Brussels, November 2017. Here, she reflects on the experience and how it has influenced her ongoing practice.
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A Wider Angle: the evolution and future of disability film festivals

By: Kate Lovell On:

UK-based disabled journalist and Agent of Change at Theatre Royal Stratford East, Kate Lovell explores the development and international outlook of disability film festivals from around the world, considering issues of access, agency and representation.
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iDance: supporting innovative inclusive practice in dance education

By: Myrto Lavda and Dora Vougiouka On:

iDance is collaborative partnership co-funded by Erasmus+ which aims to support innovative practices in inclusive dance education that runs until the end of 2018. Project partners include Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens (Greece), Holland Dance Festival (Netherlands), Skånes Dansteater (Sweden) and Stopgap Dance Company (UK). Myrto Lavda, Head of Educational Programmes and Dora Vougiouka, Networking & Outreach Coordinator from co-ordinating partner, Onassis reflect on the project's progress.
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Holland Dance: DanceAble

By: Joe Turnbull On:

DanceAble #2 took place 3-5 November at The Hague’s Korzo Theatre, Netherlands. Organised by Holland Dance, a leading Dutch dance organisation, DanceAble #2 brought together international experts, researchers, professionals, dancers, teachers and students working in the field of inclusive dance. Joe Turnbull spoke to the symposium’s Artistic Director, Martine van Dijk about why Holland Dance’s ongoing inclusive and integrated dance programme.
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iDance: the Stopgap perspective

By: Joe Turnbull On:

iDance is a training-based collaboration between Onassis Cultural Centre, Stopgap Dance Company, Holland Dance Festival and Skånes Dansteater, which aims to improve adult learning of inclusive dance, funded by Erasmus +. Executive Producer of UK partner, Stopgap Dance Company, Sho Shibata, shares his thoughts on the project.
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Inclusive Dance Practice in the Netherlands

By: Joop Oonk On:

Misiconi Dance Company is an integrated dance company based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, who were recently invited to present work at the DanceAble #2 Symposium hosted by Holland Dance in The Hague. Artistic and Managing Director Joop Oonk, reflects on inclusive dance practice in the Netherlands.
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Stretching the Physicality of Dance

By: Tanja Erhart On:

Stretching the Physicality of Dance was a conference held at Uferstudios in Berlin 21-23 August this year (2017). The conference aimed to push beyond expectations on contemporary dance, disability and diversity. It is one of the events which takes place in the context of Moving Beyond Inclusion, a Creative Europe funded collaboration between six of Europe's leading inclusive dance companies. Stretching the Physicality of Dance was organised by German partner tanzfähig. Candoco Dance Company artist, Tanja Erhart reflects on the event.
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