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Creative Encounter, Greece

By: Maria Koliopoulou On:

After working with a mixed group for the first time during Unlimited Access in Athens, dancer and choreographer, Maria Koliopoulou, shares her experiences.
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Creative Encounter, Greece

By: Medie Megas On:

Dancer and choreographer, Medie Megas, reveals the experiences she gained from working with a mixed group for the first time as part of Unlimited Access in Athens.
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The British Paraorchestra in Qatar

By: Sarah Hickson On:

The producer of The British Paraorchestra, Sarah Hickson, reveals her top tips for minimising stress on an international tour.
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Dancing with Diversity

By: Jordi Cortés Molina On:

As part of Unlimited Access, Spanish choreographer and performer Jordi Cortés Molina facilitated Croatia’s Creative Encounter in Zagreb.
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