Artistic Exchanges

Group of artists sit around a table

Artists at the laboratory at Kampnagel, Hamburg. Photograph: Canal 180

Exchange between European artists is at the heart of Europe Beyond Access:

-        to support artistic innovation;

-        to counter geographic and artistic isolation of disabled artists;

-        to build transnational professional relationships.

5 Artistic Laboratories

The laboratories are the true experimental heart of Europe Beyond Access. These week-long processes of artistic experimentation and professional exchange bring together artists from each of the project partner countries. The artistic experimentation is led by senior disabled artists: sharing methodologies, asking questions, provoking debate.

The topics explored in the laboratories reveal some of the key questions being asked by a unique generation of European disabled performing artists. 

#1. Hamburg, DE: Dance, Politics, Disability and the Body

#2. Malmö, SWE: “Unexpected Bodies in Unexpected Places”

#3. Den Haag, NL: “Other artists, other bodies”

#4. Rovereto, IT: “Social Relationships and the body”

#5: Athens, GR: “Disabled Leadership in Dance”


12 Solo Residencies: Skills transfer from mid-career to early-career disabled artists

A total of twelve 14-day residencies by a solo artist will be hosted during the project by six of the project partners: British Council; Onassis Cultural Centre; Holland Dance Festival; Per.Art; Skånes Dansteater; and Oriente Occidente. Each Solo Residency will see a leading overseas disabled artist invited by a project partner to undertake a two-week process with a group of local disabled artists. The invited artist can come from any country, and have been selected according to the skills and experience they will bring to the local sector. 


8 Group Residencies: Enabling trans-national artistic collaboration between peers

A total of eight group residencies will be hosted by five of the project partners: Onassis Cultural Centre; Holland Dance Festival; Kampnagel; Per.Art; and Oriente Occidente. The group residencies last 6 days and see a company or group of overseas artists invited to work with local peer artists – collaborating and developing relationships.