Breathe Nothing of Slaughter


Tony Heaton examines the potent symbol of the war memorial and the reality of war. Heroic, Adonis-like bodies are set in stark contrast to images of blackened faces and malnourished and broken bodies.


Every inch of the surface is won at the point of the chisel.


Every stroke of the hammer is a physical and mental effort.


It is the death of something terribly alive that you are assisting.


I have been fighting for two months and I can now gauge the intensity of life.


We had several attacks in the night. By God we sent hundreds of rockets. The big flames of exploding shells provided magnificent nocturnes.


The only things I can prey upon for my own work of sculpture are the putrifying corpses of the dead - which give fine ideas to sculpt war demons in black stone - once the fight’s over.


I believe I’ll develop a style of my own which will embody both the grotesque and non-grotesque. Anyway much will be changed after we have come through the bloodbath of idealism.