‘Eye TV’ is a mixture of documentary, comedy, video gaming and animation by James Kurtze. The filmmaker travels with his cat, Dexter, to different countries, backwards and forwards in time, and through other dimensions.



Hi, I’m James and I like making movies.

Now it’s Day 2.


I’m just standing right here in front of this building.

I found out about Tutti in 2007.


When I started I was really shy.

I hardly spoke.

I was nervous so mum came too.


Mel was my first tutor.


The first drawing I did was Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.


Mel said it was really good.


But I didn’t do that much artwork that year, because I began to get interested in computers.


I started to work with Philip in 2008.He was tall and quiet.


It took a while to find our first project.


It was a stick animation of me walking, and Philip walking behind me.


Then, I went to India and I took four or five weeks of footage.


Philip helped me make a movie all about going to India.


Then I was hooked!


This is my dad, Ross getting his shoes cleaned.


This dog was doing some cleaning out of his own.


I wanted to make my own animation movie.


I like horror and doom so I decided to “Kenny in the Castle”.


It’s not that I like other people’s horror movies they give me nightmares! I just like making my own.


The next year I made the “Snowman Monster”

I like doing sound effects.


In 2009 I started taking photos of Dexter at day and night! I took them on my Nintendo DSI.


I wanted to make us look evil, so I got the lighting just right. I tried to make them look spooky, evil spooky.


I wanted to make people wet their pants. It made some people really scared. They made some people laugh.

A lot of people liked them.


I got a grant to make large printed for an exhibition in the city.


Then we had a holiday to go to Disneyland and Fox Studios.

It some chiming.


Carnival Speaker

Welcome to Mickey’s Fun Wheel!



I miss Dexter every time I go somewhere. He goes to the Jail when we go away. Dexter doesn’t like to go to jail. He always hisses a lot.


I take him with me on my laptop, in photos and videos.


I wanted to make a film about how Dexter took over America. I travelled to Prague for the conference.



This one’s from South Australia and an organization called Tutti and I’d like to introduce to you James Kurtze.



This film is so scary you will wet your pants!

I went to the UK for the Oska Bright Film Festival

I spent lots of time with my friends, Stephen and Lorcan. I even got to present an award.



The winner of the traineeship award is Luke.



Come on down!

I dreamed that I went forward in time to another dimension, to a world of art made by people like Me.

 I travelled to a place called Tutti land.

Where the heck am I?

Is that a theme park down there?

Let’s check it out Dexter