‘Our Story’ is a fictional animated tale by William Gregory and Nathan Andrews. It tells the story of how Rev. William Gregory and Carly Lopian met and started a family.



This is the story of how I met Carly Lopian and started a family.  

It all began one day when I was reading a story about trains at school lunchtime. 

Oh, ah Hi I had no idea that you were coming this way.



 I had no idea that you were coming my way too, anyway I am lonely.



 Well I can be your friend, and we can still together. 

I am William Gregory. 



I am Carly Lopian.



I like you.



I like you too, let's be friends.



 And now being together as new friends, we have lunch together and Carly even shares her sandwich with me.

10 years later Carly and I got married and now we are husband and wife.

Now that we are married we like to do things together

In summer we like to visit the beach.

One day when we were walking at the beach Carly started to feel heavy.

Are you okay?



I’m feeling heavy in my tummy.



We rushed to the doctor.



So William and Carly you will have the next 9 months til your baby will be ready to come out.



You’re having a baby.



Wow, I am a mother and you a father.



Thanks Doctor, we’re looking forward to it.

The months passed and it was time for the baby to arrive.

*Baby cries*

Carly and I are now parents.

I name the baby Sir Duncan Mighty Mack Gregory.

Carly is a loving mother and loves having her baby son as company.

On summer days Carly takes Duncan swimming at the Marian swimming centre.



Don’t worry Duncan nothing to be scared of, swimming pools are where people go to swim.



I don’t want to drown.



No, you’ll be fine you’re swimming in the kid’s pool. I go in first.

See Duncan the water’s fine, we can do splashing.



Each time Carly is having a bath, Duncan goes in with her to have bath fun.

And when Carly’s finished her bath she makes sure Duncan is dry by having a towel

At the end of the day Carly and Duncan finally lie down and fall asleep