Unfixed Artists

Unfixed Residency Artists, Australia. Photo by Fee Plumley


In 2016 an Arts Council England Ambitions of Excellence award, match funded by the British Council, enabled Unlimited to extend global influence principally through co-commissions with non-UK based disabled artists. These case studies extend the learning from this work.

Click here for the case study on Unfixed, a creative research project that explored the intersections of art, disability, and technology, and involved ten disabled artists from the United Kingdom and Australia which built upon previous work undertaken by Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT).

Click here for the case study on the Unlimited international producer placements, aimed at increasing the number of disabled people in leadership positions within the arts. 

Click here for the case study on Nama Āto: Japanese Outsider Art, a collaborative exhibition that presented the UK debut of three Japanese visual artists, Koji Nishioka, Makoto Okawa and Yasuyuki Ueno. Each of the selected artists are members of Atelier Corners, a social welfare facility in Osaka, Japan, which supports disabled artists to realise their potential.