Diana Niepce: The other side of the dance

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Diana Niepce: The other side of the dance


Diana Niepce. The other side of the dance Accessibility: wheelchair accessible About the show In previous work, dancer, choreographer and acrobat Diana Niepce depicted the process surrounding her self-recovery after a fall from the trapeze in which she suffered a spinal cord injury. As a performer, she has since then been searching for new


Diana Niepce. Photo: Eduardo Breda Accessibility: wheelchair accessible audio description tactile guidance hearing amplification through an induction loop About the show In O OUTRO LADO DA DANÇA, Portuguese choreographer and dancer Diana Niepce examines hierarchies that structure the body. She asks what traces and images the history of dance has left in the mental archives. Which movements, which

Europe Beyond Access introduces… Diana Niepce (Portugal)


https://www.youtube.com/embed/oJcNAGV_H4I Europe Beyond Access introduces… Diana Niepce, a Portuguese disabled dancer and choreographer who uses shock and nudity to explore the sexuality of disabled people and the objectification of non-normative bodies. Niepce trained as a trapeze artist and ballet dancer. Now, her works (made for both stage and screen) channel the themes

Diana Niepce

Diana Niepce


Diana Niepce (1985, Lisbon) is a Portuguese artist who investigates language and hybridism as a political action. It seeks to reformulate the identity of the performative body through its mutation, intimacy and experimentalism outside the norm. Biography Dancer, choreographer and writer, graduated from the School of Dance (ESD) and Erasmus at Helsinki

Anda, Diana

No more apologies for the non-normative body – this body is revolution! I want to speak of what we conceal. I did not exist almost my entire life because of the belief of having to exist in a body that was not my own. I will no longer apologize to the 

EBA Open Call: the shortlist

Dodzi Dougban, Diana Niepce, Annie Hanauer, J Neve Harrington, Edwin Ramirez und Nina Mühlemann, Sindri Runudde, Katarzyna Żeglicka.   These are the names of the artists whose projects have been shortlisted for the next step of the application process of EBA Open Calls for disabled and Deaf artists in Europe.  The applications

Funders and Policymakers

Welcome to the Europe Beyond Access “Learning Journey” aimed at cultural policymakers and arts funders. We hope these resources will support those people and institutions tasked with managing cultural policy and funding processes – whether at a municipal, regional, national or transnational level. By sharing and comparing practices, we hope

Producers and Promoters

Welcome to this Europe Beyond Access “Learning Journey” aimed at producers, promoters and programmers in the performing arts. We know from our own research there are thousands of cultural professionals who express a desire to make their programmes more accessible to Deaf and disabled artists and audiences, and to know more

Disabled Artists

Welcome to this Europe Beyond Access “Learning Journey” aimed at Deaf and disabled artists, wherever you may be. Here the partners of Europe Beyond Access have brought together a range of conversations, provocations, tools and experiences that informed our work and the work of the participating artists on the five-year Europe

M-POWER international conference


M-POWER international conference kickstarts the discussion around the today and tomorrow of disabled artists; from current challenges to exciting new collaborations and initiatives on the horizon. PANEL 1: Becoming an Artist: Opportunities and Challenges Is it “Art by artists with disabilities” or is it just “Art”? Do we need or have to