Aaron McPeake

Leaf sculpture

Toll (2015): Installation view, Camden Arts Centre

Photograph of Aaron Mcpeake's Toll. It is a sculpture of a leaf hanging in between three trees. It has the words elm, thrush, butterfly and bee embossed on it.

Keyboard made of slate

Slate keyboard (2014)

Photograph of a slate sculpture which been made using a mould of a computer keyboard.

Sculpture resembling a bell

Some Cuts Resonate (2012)
Installation view, Rootstein-Hopkins Parade Ground, London

Photograph of Aaron McPeake's artwork, Some Cuts Resonate. It is a sculpture hanging from a stone archway. the sculpture resembles the shape of a 2D bell, with the bottom missing.

Abstract sculpture

Iceland Landscape (2011)
Bell-bronze painting of volcanic landscape

Photograph of an abstract brown sculpture made of earthy brown and grey tones. It has a textured surface.

Metal sculpture

Breast Cancer Radiation Mask (2008)

Photograph of a sculpture made of gold material, full of small holes. It is hanging by a string.

Stone sculpture

Eileen’s Palette (2007)

Photograph of an abstract sculpture which appears to made of stone. It has a hole from which it is hanging by string. It is placed in front of a cabinet of books.

Series of bowls

Singing Bowl Chamber Orchestra (2009)

Photograph of a series of bowls of varying sizes arranged on a wooden bench.

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