Woman standing next to artwork

Connie Moth Price creates vibrant patterns and interlocking shapes in her drawing.

Photograph of Connie Moth, a white woman with grey hair standing next to a colourful artwork made with felt tip pens.

Woman standing with artworks

Nnena Kalu binds and layers materials together creating raw and intense artworks.

Photograph of a black female artist wearing an apron, she is standing against a wall with four colourful abstract sculptures.

Someone hammering artwork to wall

Lasmin Salom is predominantly a textile artist with a bold and distinctive style.

Photograph of a black person shot from behind, they are hammering a nail into the wall, which is covered in small colourful sculptures

Person drawing with pink pen

Action Space artist

Photograph of a person shot from the side their arm is blurry to indicate fast movement, as they draw on a blue background with a pink pen

Person painting

ActionSpace artists create large scale temporary installations

Photograph of a person wearing a white apron shot from behind. They are painting on a giant canvas in colourful paint.

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Action Space worked with film maker Will Halfacree to produce a short film about our artists Thompson Hall, Phillippa Marshall and Andrew Omading

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