Tanzbar Bremen

Three performers in waist coats and bow ties

'SommerNacht' dancers: Corinna Mindt, Tim Gerhards and Oskar Spatz

Two men and one androgynous woman wearing waistcoats and bow ties in Sommernacht

5 dancers pirouetting with floaty skirts on

SommerNacht dancers

Summernacht by Tanzbar Bremen. Male and female dancers with floaty skirts spin around

Dancer suspended in mid air above another dancer

SommereNacht dancers: Corinna Mindt, Tim Gerhards and Christopher Basile

Female dancer on the ground and a male dancer holding himself off the ground with just his arms above her

Two dancers all in red crossing each other and holding on to pink suitcases

Rosa sieht Rot dancers: Neele buchholz and Corinna Mindt

Rosa sieht Rot, two dancers crossing over each other, both holding pink suitcases

5 dancers in all white suits stand behind a woman in a beige dress who is leaning backwards

Hexen GmbH dancers: Ensemble

Hexen GmbH, 6 dancers standing in a line. 1 is dressed in a beige dress throwing her head back, the other five are in white suits

Latest Video

Three pieces by Tanzbar_Bremen, 'Gemein', 'Hand in Hand' and 'Gemein.Sam'

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