Un-Label Performing Arts Company

Performers stand in a line next to an overturned wheelchair

L - Do I need Labels to Love?

Three performers are crouching next to an overturned wheelchair. Next to them a line of 6 other performers

A woman in a wheelchair


A woman with stunning make-up in a red dress is sitting at the table in her wheelchair. With her left hand she holds a toothpick. In front of her on the table a small screen and a container with the toothpicks. Behind her the audience

A performer leans forward and points in the direction to the audience


More than a dozen performers in matching geometric outfits are in the background, in the foreground a performer leans forward and point in the direction to the audience

Four performer on stage. Behind them the scenery. It looks like an open book.

The Little Prince

Four performer on stage. They walk one after the other on stage. All three have paper birds in their hands.

Two dancers on stage

Gravity (and other attractions)

The stage is generally very dark. Only the two dancers are illuminated. Both are in a position where they are holding and supporting each other by the hands. He is bent to the side and leans into the side. She stretches wide and stretches her left leg up into the air

Performer tied by a drape is being pulled from behind by another performer holding it

L - Do I need Labels to Love?

1 performer sits on the edge of the stage, a group of about 8 other performers sit behind them pulling drapes hooked round the first performer's waist

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Trailer Re:construction

Trailer Gravity (and other attractions) with AD

Trailer The Little Prince with AD

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