‘I am a dancer’ by Leisa Prowd

‘I am a dancer’ by Leisa Prowd

November 4, 2022

Harmonia being performed at Theater Bremen in Germany. Photo: Jord Landsberg This article was originally published by Delving into Dance. I am continually questioning the idea of, “What is dance?” When I say, “I am a dancer” the question that usually follows is, “What form of dance do you do?” Up till

Europe Beyond Access presents ‘Arts, disability and social change’


Discover how a generation of disabled dancers, choreographers and interdisciplinary artists are creating social change through the work that they make. https://youtu.be/OpeK6lPyNuI?list=PLdiB3YQ6fPnk5oUHsVP9L_V6WtWUztJ7- Artists involved in Europe Beyond Access from USA, Sweden, Poland, UK, Portugal and Austria reflect on how they are confronting the normative gaze and making a political statement by taking

Country Profile: Australia

Country Profile

Australian disabled musician and arts, access and inclusion consultant Morwenna Collett explores Australia, a country that has produced some incredible d/Deaf and disabled artists, inclusive organisations and events. The Shadow Whose Prey The Hunter Becomes, Carriageworks, Back to Back Theatre. Photograph: Zan Wimberley 2019 Australia is home to some incredible d/Deaf and

Leisa Prowd


Leisa is a dancer, performance artist, life model and public speaker based in Melbourne but currently living in Berlin, Germany. She has performed with Weave Movement Theatre appearing in their short film – Will You Go Round With Me, directed by Kat Worth in 2014, White Night in 2015 –

Restless Dance Theatre


Led by Artistic Director Michelle Ryan, one of Australia’s leading dance artists, Restless Dance Theatre creates high quality real, raw and uninhibited dance theatre. It is Australia’s leading dance theatre company working with young people with and without disability to collaboratively create outstanding inclusive dance theatre informed by disability. The

Lizzy Rose


Lizzy Rose (b. 1988) is a British artist who lives and works in Margate. Her work explores community, British identity and hidden culture. She has a severe form of Crohns disease.  She studied at Central Saint Martins' School of Art and Design. Lizzy Rose was part of artist-led space, LIMBO arts

Chelle Destefano


Chelle is an established Visual Artist, having graduated with a bachelor in Visual Arts and Applied Design in 2007. She works mainly with watercolour, ink and wash, and mixed media. She has a love for the illustrative style and enjoys working within it and outside the usual bounds. Chelle will draw

Caroline Bowditch


Australian-born but now Glasgow-based performance artist and choreographer, Caroline Bowditch describes herself as a performer, maker, teacher, speaker and mosquito buzzing in the ears of the arts industry in the UK and further afield.

Back to Back Theatre


Back to Back Theatre creates new forms of contemporary performance imagined from the minds and experiences of a unique ensemble of actors with a disability, giving voice to social and political issues that speak to all people. Based in the regional centre of Geelong, the company is one of Australia’s most

Unlimited International

Case Study

Unfixed Residency Artists, Australia. Photo by Fee Plumley In 2016 an Arts Council England Ambitions of Excellence award, match funded by the British Council, enabled Unlimited to extend global influence principally through co-commissions with non-UK based disabled artists. These case studies extend the learning from this work. Unfixed case study, a creative research project that explored the intersections of art,