Europe Beyond Access introduces dancer Yesol Kim (Sweden/South Korea)

Europe Beyond Access introduces dancer Yesol Kim (Sweden/South Korea)

Film Yesol Kim is a dancer based in Sweden who performed in Skånes Dansteater’s outdoor production of Uncharted, as well as taking part in the third Europe Beyond Access laboratory in Maastricht. As a dancer, she is passionate about raising the visibility of disabled dancers in the performing arts, and continually

Country Profile: Korea

Country Profile

WonYoung Kim is a disability rights lawyer, dance artist and theatre-maker who recently published a new book about law, disability and aesthetics, Defending the Unqualified. Working with Sarah Pickthall, coach, digital dance producer and co-founder (with Jo Verrent) of Sync, the leadership programme working globally, Won shares this overview of arts and disability

British Council’s arts and disability focus in East Asia

August 30, 2018

Arts and Disability is a major focus for the British Council across East Asia. We hear from the British Council’s regional Theatre and Dance Programme Manager, Carole McFadden and in-country Arts Managers from Taiwan and Singapore Shu-chun Lai and Sarah Meisch Lionetto, respectively, to get a broad overview of the