What’s new in Europe Beyond Access II?

What’s new in Europe Beyond Access II?

March 1, 2024

Following the announcement that Europe Beyond Access has secured Creative Europe funding for a further four years, Project Director, Ben Evans explains what was learnt from the first iteration and what changes will be made. Moby Dick, Chiara Bersani/Danskompaniet Spinn. Image: Simone Cargnoni Late last year, it was confirmed that Europe Beyond



Website: CODA Dance Festival CODA’s aim for EBA is to support disabled artists in the Norwegian dance sector and develop new talent, as there are currently so few opportunities for training and professional development for disabled artists. Its measure for success is that in 5 years’ time, disabled artists will be

Arts and Culture Norway: joining the ‘disability revolution’ in the Norwegian arts sector

Case Study

Arts and Culture Norway is the main governmental operator for the implementation of Norwegian cultural policy. Here, Senior Advisor Kaja Tvedten Jorem describes the journey the organisation has been on over the last two years in discovering and attempting to remove some of the barriers for disabled artists in Norway's

Diverse Nordic Voices


Diverse Nordic Voices (DNVCI) is a programme that supports the development of a greater diversity of choreographic voices from the Nordic region. The 30-month programme is brought about by the pro-active collaboration between leading dance organizations within three Nordic countries. The intention – to create an opportunity for the professional

International Sign – Connecting Deaf Performing Arts


International Sign – Connecting Deaf Performing Arts is a collaborative project developing and focusing on the stage language of deaf artists. The project partners consist of Tyst Teater (Sweden), Teatteri Totti (Finland), Teater Manu (Norway), International Visual Theatre (France) and Zentrum für Kultur und visuelle Kommunikation (Germany). These five sign language-based