Europe Beyond Access is committed to developing audiences for the work of disabled artists:

  • To share the quality and innovation of Europe’s disabled dance artists.
  • To build the market for the work of disabled artists in order to support long-term careers.
  • To encourage greater cultural participation by disabled audiences.
Per.Art 15th Anniversary. Photograph: Aleksandar Ramadanovic
Per.Art 15th Anniversary. Photograph: Aleksandar Ramadanovic

Development and engagement of “Mainstream” Audiences

Europe Beyond Access will use audience education and taste cultivation to develop existing arts audiences: challenging preconceptions about the quality of work by disabled artists. We will work with a variety of strategies – some tried-and-tested, some new – to build audiences for the work. We will work with Press, Social Media, Audience Engagement, and through dialogues with artists themselves.  Our aim is to end the Europe Beyond Access project with an audience that demands to experience more work by disabled artists.

Some of our press coverage so far includes:

Development and engagement of Disabled Audiences

We know that art by disabled artists is much more likely to be attended by disabled audiences.

Europe Beyond Access aims to build greater cultural engagement of disabled people who currently rarely engage with cultural activities. We will seek to reduce barriers to attendance; actively engage in outreach to targeted audiences; and, develop opportunities for engagement between disabled audiences and disabled arts professionals.