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By engaging with our content online, you can find out about forthcoming performances, discover emerging and established disabled artists from across Europe, see behind-the-scenes on workshops and residencies, and increase public interest in disabled artists’ work. Importantly, you can directly help to raise the visibility of disabled dancers, theatre-makers and performing artists by sharing our posts. Play a part in educating the mainstream by pushing forth the brightest innovations in the field.

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  • Our activities produce a huge amount of compelling visual content perfect for Instagram takeovers. If you have an audience eager for dance, performing arts or disability-related news, spruce up your feed and invite us to do a takeover.
  • Book one of our artists for your programme.
  • Benefit from reciprocal promotion. If you would like to share details of our upcoming events and performances with your audience, get in touch.

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Get behind-the-scenes access to residencies, rehearsals, artist laboratories, workshops and performances. We are looking for writers to cover our activities, so whether that means interviewing artists, diving into creative processes, the themes of a specific performance, or reporting on radical developments in your country’s arts scene, contact us.

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