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By engaging with our content online, you can find out about forthcoming performances, discover emerging and established disabled artists from across Europe, see behind-the-scenes on workshops and residencies, and increase public interest in disabled artists’ work. Importantly, you can directly help to raise the visibility of disabled dancers, theatre-makers and performing artists by sharing our posts. Play a part in educating the mainstream by pushing forth the brightest innovations in the field.

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  • Our activities produce a huge amount of compelling visual content perfect for Instagram takeovers. If you have an audience eager for dance, performing arts or disability-related news, spruce up your feed and invite us to do a takeover.
  • Book one of our artists for your programme.
  • Benefit from reciprocal promotion. If you would like to share details of our upcoming events and performances with your audience, get in touch.

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Get behind-the-scenes access to residencies, rehearsals, artist laboratories, workshops and performances. We are looking for writers to cover our activities, so whether that means interviewing artists, diving into creative processes, the themes of a specific performance, or reporting on radical developments in your country’s arts scene, contact us.

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Frequently asked questions

I am a disabled performing artist (or a producer from a disabled-led or inclusive performing arts company)? How can I work with Europe Beyond Access?

  • If you are an artist based in one of the following countries, get in touch with your local Europe Beyond Access partner. We suggest you send an email with information about you and your work, along with links to photos, videos, and any upcoming opportunities to see your work. Click on the name of the country to be taken to the local partner page, and then write directly to the contact named there: Germany; Greece; Italy; the Netherlands; Poland; Serbia; Sweden; United Kingdom.
  • If you are an artist based outside of the project countries (in Europe or around the world), you can contact EBA central team with the same information. 
  • If you are interested finding opportunities for one of your productions to tour, why not create a profile on our Artists and Companies directory? This is our most-visited area of the website, and promoters and producers from around the world look at the profiles. Apply for a unique login, and then manage your own profile in the months and years ahead: change the published photos and videos; update production details; change your contact details.

I am an artist not based in one of the project partner countries. Can I get involved?

  • Some of the project activities such as Laboratories and Artist Residencies are only open to artists in the project partner countries.
  • The Project showcases and festivals can (and will) present artists from all around the world. If you want to be considered for presentation, send details of your productions to
  • What this means in practice is that experienced artists from all around the world can be considered for presentation in the project festivals. However, for emerging artists and those seeking professional development, the project will only support artists from the partner countries.
  • The Artists and Companies featured on are from all around the world, so if your productions are tour-ready, then do consider creating a profile.
  • Europe Beyond Artists have created a project Facebook group. Here we have live discussions, share our ideas and work, and have private conversations about our artistic ideas, ambitions and challenges. We accept applications from artists not actively working on the project.

I am a disabled artist. Can Europe Beyond Access fund my new work?

  • Sorry. We can’t. Europe Beyond Access does not have a funding mechanism for external organisations and their productions. We work with hundreds of artists, but we have very detailed plans for the 4 years of the project. We do not fund productions with which we don’t have an existing relationship.

I am a disabled artist. Can you support me to travel to another country to work?

  • Sorry. We can’t. We advise you to look at mobility schemes, many of which are actively seeking applications from disabled artists:
    • i-Portunus is a project, selected and funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. It supports short-term mobility of artists and culture professionals.
    • On The Move is a Cultural Mobility Network, and an amazing source of information about artist mobility funding.

My arts organisation would like to host more productions by disabled artists and disabled-led companies. How can I contact you so we can collaborate?

  • If you are an arts venue, festival or promoter who is interested in learning more about the exciting generation of disabled artists, then we would really like to hear from you. If you are based in one of the project partner countries, get in touch with your local partner in Germany; Greece; Italy; The Netherlands; Poland; Serbia; Sweden; United Kingdom.
  • Take a look at our list of upcoming events where you can experience for yourself the work we are doing, where you can meet some of the project partners, and meet the artists.
  • Sign up for our newsletter. Every 2 months the newsletter arrives in your inbox with a mixture of information about artists, overviews of major international projects involving disabled artists, best practice examples from some of Europe’s leading arts organisations, and country-specific research and discussion.

I want to know more about the work of disabled artists. What can I do?

  • We strongly recommend you explore the website of our digital partner organisation, Disability Arts Online. We have a similar URL, but Disability Arts Online is a UK-based website which publishes an online magazine of arts and culture from disability perspectives as well as running talent development programmes, consultancy, partnerships and a listings service.

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