Disabled Artists
Funders and Policymakers

Europe Beyond Access’ Learning Journeys are a digital series of toolkits and educational resources specifically for disabled artists, producers and promoters, and funders and policymakers.

These Learning Journeys include a series of new films, discussions, podcasts, creative tasks, reports and more to support professional development. Films are hosted on YouTube and many have translated subtitles in Dutch, German, Greek, Polish, Serbian and Swedish. Transcripts are also available for screen-readers.

The Learning Journeys for Disabled Artists covers key topics including:

  • Disability Identity and the Arts
  • Innovative Aesthetics and Artistic Approaches from disabled artists
  • Building a community that advocates for change
  • Becoming an Artist
  • Developing your Artistic Career
  • Tools & Knowledge for Working in the Cultural Sector, including understanding what it means to be an ally and preparing for international promotion.

The Learning Journey for Producers, Promoters and Programmers covers:

  • Examples of artistic practice
  • Provocations from disabled artists to mainstream programmers
  • An overview of identity-based creative practice
  • The relationship between disabled artists and the mainstream cultural sector
  • How to ensure access for audiences
  • How to ensure access for artists
  • Best practice in accessible marketing
  • Instigating organisational change

The Learning Journey for Funders and Policymakers covers:

  • Provocations from artists
  • Works by disabled artists that contribute to art-form innovation
  • European research and cultural policy recommendations
  • Examples of funding bodies that are generating change
  • Barriers for policymakers to consider
  • and an overview of disability arts and identity