The Holland Dance Festival 2022

The Holland Dance Festival 2022


Europe Beyond Access partner Holland Dance Festival – a leading Dutch dance organisation whose mission is to make dance accessible for everybody regardless of age, social or cultural background, ability or disability – presents the 18th edition of its world-renowned biennial festival. The festival will showcase the richness, diversity and inclusivity

Mixed doubles at Kalamata Dance Festival

Cornered (Holland Dance Festival). The Kalamata Dance Festival, in partnership with Onassis STEGI presents Mixed Doubles, four duets with disabled and non-disabled dancers created by Faizah Grootens, Venetsiana Kalampaliki, Diego Tortelli, and Roser López Espinosa. The duets have been commissioned by Holland Dance Festival (the Netherlands), Onassis STEGI (Greece), Oriente Occidente Dance Festival (Italy),

Marc Brew & AXIS Dance Company: artists in residence

During DanceAble #3 from Holland Dance Festival, Marc Brew and AXIS Dance Company spent two weeks as artists in residence to collaborate with Dutch and Polish disabled dancers. The Polish dancers that were selected to attend - Tatiana Cholewa, Patrycja Jarosińska and Dominika Feiglewicz - have been participating in Europe Beyond

AXIS Dance Company: Radical Impact

Premiere in The Netherlands at Holland Dance Festival 2020. Radical Impact was created by Marc Brew in collaboration with composer JooWan Kim and the Artistic Director of Oakland-based Hip-Hop Orchestra Ensemble Mik Nawoo. The work comes alive with Kim’s original score for live string quartet. Radical Impact explores what it means

Mixed Doubles at Holland Dance Festival

An evening of four new inclusive dance duets commissioned by Skånes Dansteater, Onassis STEGI, Oriente Occidente and Holland Dance Festival Momentum featuring Sander Ver Beek and Pedro Ricardo Henry. Photo: Sjoerd Derine. The programme Skanes Dansteater | Fine Lines The work of Roser López Espinosa is based on strong physicality, with a great passion