Artist talk: Rose la Rose

Date: February 25, 2021 - February 25, 2021
Location: Germany

A red photograph of two performers in black mesh clothing, lounging on  the floor, one with a wide alluring smile.
Rose la Rose. Photo by Jonas Fischer.

An opportunity to engage with choreographer Carolin Jüngst, performer Amelia Lander-Cavallo as well as audio-describer and artist Ursina Tossi about the new Europe Beyond Access dance commission ROSE LA ROSE.

The discussion will be moderated by Kampnagel dance dramaturg Melanie Zimmermann.

If you would like to actively participate via Zoom and ask questions, please register via the webshop here.

Otherwise, the conversation will be streamed here on Kampnagel’s YouTube channel.

You will also be able to access the link to the live-stream on this page.

Date and time: 25 February at 8pm CET / 7pm GMT.

The project DRAWING IMAGES WITH WORDS by Carolin Jüngst and Ursina Tossi in cooperation with Kampnagel is dedicated to the means of audio description as an artistic tool and method of artistic research. From a queer-feminist and ableism-critical perspective, we deal with the potential of AD to question the dominance of visual culture and the associated attributions and identity politics, to deconstruct it and to expand it through a performative practice of imagination. In this context, a series of events, shows and workshops will take place at Kampnagel, such as the dance video premiere ROSE LA ROSE (25.02. – 07.03.)

Within the framework of DRAWING IMAGES WITH WORDS, a Project by Carolin Jüngst and Ursina Tossi, funded by NPN Stepping Out.

Rose La Rose is Kampnagel’s first Europe Beyond Access commission, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission.