Candoco Dance Company at the ZAMEK Culture Centre (Poznań)

Date: March 26, 2022 - March 26, 2022
Location: Poland

Europe Beyond Access partner British Council Poland supports the premiere of two Candoco Dance Company shows at the ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznań (Poland). This performing arts event is part of ZAMEK’s Obecność / Presence programme, which will run in co-operation with Norway’s CODA Oslo International Dance Festival and Warsaw’s Teatr 21 until 2023.

Candoco, one of the world’s best known inclusive dance companies and an icon of contemporary British dance theatre, will present their shows Face In and Set and Reset/Reset, followed by a question and answer session (with simultaneous interpretation into Polish and Polish Sign Language), which will be led by some of their artists.

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Face In
By Yasmeen Godder

Face In is a sensual and disturbing ode to intimacy and imagination, expressed through striking images interwoven with daring and uninhibited dance. Candoco invites you to become immersed in a wild fictional world that feels uncomfortably familiar yet strangely distorted, to the accompaniment of an urban indie score. It is a world in which the dancers feel thoroughly at ease: dancing with pleasure, revealing the extreme of themselves and flirting with both the banal and the ridiculous.

  • Concept, Choreography and Direction: Yasmeen Godder
  • Dramaturg: Itzik Giuli
  • Set Design: Gareth Green
  • Lighting Design: Seth Rook Williams
  • Costume Design: Adam Kalderon
  • Sound Edit: Nathan Johnson
  • Music: The Night by Joe Colley and Jason Lescalleet; Away from my Body by Brandt Brauer Frick (Live); Pretend by The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble feat Emika (Live at Concertgebouw Brugge)
  • This piece is co-commissioned by: Festival Oriente Occidente and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance
  • Thanks: Candoco Dance Company is supported by Studio Wayne McGregor through the FreeSpace programme
Face In trailer embedded from Candoco’s YouTube channel

Set and Reset/Reset
A restaging project by Trisha Brown Dance Company with Candoco Dance Company.

Trisha Brown Dance Company premiered Set and Reset in 1983 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York City. A collaboration with visual artist Robert Rauschenberg and composer Laurie Anderson, it is Trisha Brown’s signature work and a seminal piece of post-modern choreography.

In 2011, Candoco embarked on its first Set and Reset/Reset project in which the dancers worked with former Trisha Brown Dance Company member Abigail Yager. In each of Candoco’s recreations of the piece in 2011, 2016 and 2021, the company returned to Brown’s original set of instructions: line up, play with visibility and invisibility, keep to the periphery of the space, act on instinct, and keep it simple allowing the piece to evolve in response to the company members at that time.

In this way, Set and Reset/Reset is an example of a living legacy, an iteration of Brown’s choreographic brilliance, in conversation with the impulses and instincts of the dancers you see today.

  • Choreography of Set and Reset (1983): Trisha Brown
  • Choreography of Set and Reset/Reset: Combination of the original and Candoco dancers’ choreography
  • Direction of Set and Reset/Reset (2021): Abigail Yager
  • Co-Direction of Set and Reset/Reset (2021): Jamie Scott
  • Music: Laurie Anderson (music used with kind permission from Canal Street Communications/Laurie Anderson Studio)
  • Set Design: David Lock (based on the original design by Robert Rauschenberg in 1983)
  • Lighting Design: Chahine Yavroyan
  • Costume Design: Celeste Dandeker-Arnold OBE (based on the original design by Robert Rauschenberg in 1983)
  • The original restaging in 2011 was co-commissioned by: Dance Umbrella 2011
Set and Reset/Reset trailer embedded from Candoco’s YouTube channel