Date: March 2, 2023 - March 4, 2023
Location: Germany

A white petite woman with zigzag tights lies back suspended in the air with poles supporting her.
Diana Niepce. Photo: Eduardo Breda


  • wheelchair accessible
  • audio description
  • tactile guidance
  • hearing amplification through an induction loop

About the show

In O OUTRO LADO DA DANÇA, Portuguese choreographer and dancer Diana Niepce examines hierarchies that structure the body. She asks what traces and images the history of dance has left in the mental archives. Which movements, which bodies are expected in dance, and how have excluded bodies moved through the history of dance? In her first guest appearance at Kampnagel, Diana Niepce ventures past canonized ideals of mobility in an experiment with her own body, its mass, its movement and being moved. A body that represents the invisible in dance history and is now claiming its place.

Tickets: 15 euros (reduced from 9 euros, [k] card from 7.50 euros)

Diana Niepce. Photo: Eduardo Breda