M-Power Festival

Date: April 26, 2023 - April 29, 2023
Location: Greece

A brightly coloured graphic with splashes of green, blue and purple paint, and the words 'M-Power festival'.

M-POWER is a restless festival which makes clear that the notions of disability and being static are not at all related. Disabled artists are the protagonists in three performances, a film, an international conference, and four workshops organized by the Onassis Stegi with the support of Europe Beyond Access (co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union).

Across four days, the M-POWER festival will present:

2 new Greek commissions:

“Solar” by the Greek ensemble ‘En Dynamei’ https://www.onassis.org/whats-on/m-power-festival/solar

“Ephemeral Body” by Valasia Simeon, dancer, and choreographer https://www.onassis.org/whats-on/m-power-festival/ephemeral-body 

an international production:

“The Dan Daw Show” by UK-based Australian Dan Daw. https://www.onassis.org/whats-on/m-power-festival/the-dan-daw-show   

The film screening “Shadow” by the internationally renowned Australians “Back to Back Theatre https://www.onassis.org/whats-on/m-power-festival/shadow   

4 workshops by Back to Back, Kate Marsh, Diana Niepce & En dynamei ensemble https://www.onassis.org/whats-on/m-power-festival/workshops-m-power-festival 

And a conference on the 26th of April 2023 which will be LIVESTREAMED (register here) with parallel interpretation to English and Greek sign language, focusing on two main topics:

  • Becoming an Artist: Opportunities and Challenges
  • The Cultural Policies: Realities and Initiatives

You can discover the full festival programme on the following link: https://www.onassis.org/whats-on/m-power-festival