Mixed Doubles at Holland Dance Festival

Date: February 6, 2020 - February 8, 2020
Location: Netherlands

An evening of four new inclusive dance duets commissioned by Skånes Dansteater, Onassis STEGI, Oriente Occidente and Holland Dance Festival

Two male dancers, one leans back in a blue wheelchair, the others crouches low to the floor embracing his shoulders.
Momentum featuring Sander Ver Beek and Pedro Ricardo Henry. Photo: Sjoerd Derine.

The programme

Skanes Dansteater | Fine Lines

The work of Roser López Espinosa is based on strong physicality, with a great passion for precision, delicacy, acrobatic elements and detail. A lively and playful physical universe of refined poetics and often a touch of humour. Fine Lines, a new duet with dancers Madeleine Månsson and Anna Borràs Picó, is a dialogue between two exceptional women. A meeting shedding light on the fine lines between us, reminding us of our differences, our boundaries, the outlines of our intentions. But what brings us closer together? What do we want to celebrate in each other? On stage, two women. So delicate, so powerful.

Onassis Stegi | Re-call

What kinds of identity do moving bodies bear? In the work Re-call, choreographer Venetsiana Kalampaliki focuses on the identity of the body and on how it is shaped both by the past and by each moment in the present. In a stripped-back scenic environment, the very bodies of the dancers – pitted against time with every step – play the principal roles. Through repetitive movements, moments of pause and acts of walking, the performers define their routes and manifest fleeting stories that fade away like traces in the sand. With her gaze fixed firmly on each separate individual, and taking precision and simplicity as her guide, the choreographer creates human portraits and explores the meaning of the moment as a dimension, both temporal and spatial.

Oriente Occidente and FND / Aterballetto | FEELING GOOD

A circle, a square and, in the centre, an emblematic figure of a man. References to Vitruvian man are evident and visible and this can lead to criticism and controversy, but if we simply do not dwell on the image itself and what the eye can observe, but simply to its poetics and meaning we find the desire for a body that experiences connecting with itself and its surroundings, both on a rational and emotional level.

These are the starting points of FEELING GOOD a duet about the ability to “be” and “feel”, a skill of contemporary dance that does not reign in a canonical form of perfection, but that finds its “being” in the acceptance of oneself, of one’s own strength and fragility which is not dictated by a symmetrical form of thinking, but which looks at the diversity of every human being in an asymmetrical way, since only diversity can destroy an idea of “canonical” beauty, which no one can please because there can be no universal model of “beauty”.

Holland Dance Festival & SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht | Momentum

Invited by Holland Dance Festival, SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht created captivating duet Momentum. In Momentum two dancers – Sander Ver Beek and Pedro Ricardo Henry – dive into their moment of encounter, to the music of Henryck Gorecki. In this intimate duet, both dancers are instrumental to the course and dynamics of the dance. They are fully open to each other, guide and follow one another and flawlessly complement each other in their physical presence. Emotion, affection and energy merge together in one instant. One moment.

Tickets: https://www.holland-dance.com/en/performance/danceable-mixed-doubles/