Per.Art’s 20th Anniversary celebrations

Date: December 10, 2019 - December 15, 2019
Location: Serbia

This December, Per.Art (Europe Beyond Access partner in Serbia) celebrates twenty years of work, specialising in inclusive practice and supporting learning disabled performers and theatre-makers.

The celebration program opens with a premiere of the performance We Are Not Monsters, developed through a unique collaboration: the idea for the performance is coming from Dalibor Šandor, artist with learning disabilities, who was developing it together with Xavier Le Roy, and with artistic support of other Per.Art members.

The uniqueness of the work is also visible in the fact that this is the first time (in Serbia, but also in a wider European context) that this kind of dance work is shown in an art gallery, where artists with and without learning-disability question the relation between visitors and works of art in a national museum, investigating new ways of creating a performance and expanding the very understanding of the notion of a collection, which is enriched through live performance by introduction of questions, problems and position particular for persons with disability. In this case, it is the collection of The Gallery of Matica srpska, longtime partner of Per.Art.

On the second day we will have the opportunity to see three performances by artists with disability asking questions such as: what is dance, where is its place today, who can dance and what are the expectations that the society, but also the dance world, set before artists with and without disability.

Michael Turinsky, Julia Häusermann and Natalija Vladisavljević, through the presence of their bodies in public and thier different apporaches to solo dance performance offer different answers to these questions.

Our special guests, who support the work of Per.Art for many years are philosopher Dragan Prole and theatre writer and director Milena Minja Bogavac. They will talk about the aesthetics of Per.Art’s work and the polliticality that derives from it.

The program closes with Per.Art’s performance Little Party of Missed Dance, featuring the entire group. Little Party is a hybrid public event, between theatre show, happening and underground party, where the audience and the performers, with and without disability meet on the same dance floor, in the same “basement”, on the same stage. They’re together for the first time where they’ve never met before, where private and public realms merge into a new state, offering a collective experience in which one doesn’t miss an opportunity, not only those for a dance, but also those that make us more open, more fulfilled and happier as human beings.


We are not monsters (new Europe Beyond Access commission)

10 and 11 December, 17.00 and 18.00

13 December, 18.00 and 19.30

Location: Gallery of Matica srpska

Heteronomous male

Michael Turinsky (Vienna)

14th December, 19.00

Talk: Milena Minja Bogavac (Belgrade/Šabac)

Das ist Tanz

Julia Häusermann (Zürich)

14th December, 20.00

Talk: Dragan Prole (Novi Sad)

Witch dance – Dis_Sylphide, part one

Natalija Vladisavljević & Per.Art (Novi Sad)

14th December, 21.00

Location: Theatre hall, NIS building

Little Party of Missed Dance

Per.Art (Novi Sad)

15th December, 12.00

Location: Theatre hall, NIS building

Supported by:

Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

Europe Beyond Access

Foundation “Novi Sad 2021 – European Capital of Culture”

Secretary for Culture,City of Novi Sad

Neofyton d.o.o

Ministry of Culture and Information, Republic of Serbia

Erste bank a.d Novi Sad

Association Le Kwatt,France

La Farge Serbia

Radun AVIA d.o.o


Gallery of Matica srpska

ŠOSO Milan Petrović

Public media service Radio television of Vojvodina

NIS a.d Novi Sad

Nectar d.o.o