Teatro La Plaza: Hamlet

Date: June 12, 2024 - June 12, 2024
Location: Poland

An actor with Down Syndrom is sitting on a small  staircase. He wears a yellow t-shirt. In the background, the projection of a big old picture representig an actor in costume in the same position.


  • wheelchair accessible

About the show

A group of people with Down syndrome take the stage to share their desires and frustrations through a free version of Hamlet. The play is built between Shakespeare’s text and the actors lives and takes as a starting point the question he asks us about existence.

To be or not to be? What does this mean to be for people who can’t find spaces where they are not considered? Historically, people with DS have been considered a burden, a social waste. What value and meaning do they have today in a world where efficiency, production capacity and unattainable models of consumption and beauty are the paradigm of the human being?

Teatro La Plaza is a theater creation space that investigates and interprets reality to build a critical point of view that dialogues with its community. Opens its doors in 2003 with the purpose of connecting with its community by offering a production of works capable of questioning, provoking and surprising.

Through texts of new playwrighting, as well as classics under a contemporary look, their proposals seek to formulate key questions that allow us to better understand our reality, the hectic times we live and the complex nature of human being.