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Website documenting Europe Beyond Access in Germany

Contact: mail@kampnagel.de

Artistic Directors, theatre directors and choreographers are mostly non-disabled (and usually white male). Disabled artists projects are often initiated and perceived as ‘social projects’ which underlines their inferior position (as artists). We want to make a difference.

Kampnagel (Hamburg, Germany) is one of Europe’s largest production and presentation venues for theatre, dance, music, performance, music as well as conferences and festivals. Based in an old factory building, on six differently sized stages, Kampnagel presents a seasonal programme of international and national works as well as productions by Hamburg artists. Kampnagel is a productive laboratory for the development of ideas, exploration of new formats that tackle modern forms of communication, interaction and participation as well as the transfer of knowledge. The Kampnagel programme is very much based on current issues in our society such as migration, postcolonialism, anti-discrimination etc. In both its programming and communication Kampnagel makes sure to address audiences with all sorts of backgrounds.

Since 2007, when Amelie Deuflhard became Artistic Director, Kampnagel has undergone a journey of examining how collaborations between disabled and non-disabled artists have created some of Europe’s most interesting and challenging works.


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