Skånes Dansteater

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Website: Skånes Dansteater
Website documenting Europe Beyond Access in Sweden


We are very excited about connecting with developments in other parts of Europe and to share knowledge and experience through working inclusively. Our focussed programme of disabled artist development, DansFunk, has already presented itself as a national platform for dance and disability so the experiences gained within Europe Beyond Access will be beneficial on both a regional and national level.

Skånes Dansteater (Malmö, Sweden) is Sweden’s largest independent dance institution. It has developed and engaged in deep community projects with long-term commitments, leading to a strong support of aspiring and early-career disabled dance artists. Since 2014 Skånes Dansteater has integrated disabled dancers into its repertory company on a regular basis. The organisation has become a leading voice in arts and disability in Sweden as well as the rest of Scandinavia, and is frequently asked to share their expertise, experience and good practice at conferences and seminars.


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