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The British Council is an associate partnership with Europe Beyond Access. Our work in Arts & Disability is a key strand of our cultural relations mission in the EU within our Culture Responds programme. This programme focuses on the transformative power of arts and culture, promoting artistic and cultural expression in the widest sense.

We support artists, communities, and cultural practitioners to determine and participate in their own cultural life and increase their own cultural representation. Through this work we aim to enhance the diversity of narratives, increase contributions in cultural production and challenge and change mindsets for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

As an Associate partner of EBA we will:

  • contribute to the wider reach of the project activities, results, and dissemination, including to countries outside of the EBA consortium partnership
  • contribute knowledge about the UK Deaf and disabled arts sector and contribute suggestions for participants and leaders of EBA activities
  • collaborate with EBA in their commissioning, research and publication of a report into the limits of accessible cultural education in Europe.

Polish sign language introduction to Europe Beyond Access


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