Europe Beyond Access introduces… Diana Niepce (Portugal)

Europe Beyond Access introduces… Diana Niepce, a Portuguese disabled dancer and choreographer who uses shock and nudity to explore the sexuality of disabled people and the objectification of non-normative bodies.

Niepce trained as a trapeze artist and ballet dancer. Now, her works (made for both stage and screen) channel the themes of desire, gender, intimacy and rebelliousness as she challenges mainstream notions of beauty and perfection.

Read her article, ‘Naked and disabled: the body as a site of strength and beauty’ by clicking here.

Her works include: Lopussa on Vain with GED, Forgotten Fog with Warehouse 13, Morfme with Plural Dance Company, This is not my body with Plural Dance Company, Raw a Nude, 12 979 Days at Library of Marvila. Recent collaborations include CiM Dance Company, Plural Dance Company, Teatr21, Bartosz Ostrowski, Mariana Tengner Barros and Rui Catalão.

Explore her artist profile here.

This film is part of a series of artist profiles produced by the transnational network, Europe Beyond Access. Our aim is to open high profile opportunities to disabled artists and increase public recognition of their important creative contributions to the arts and culture sector.

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