Europe Beyond Access introduces… Dutch breaker Maikel Walker

Meet Maikel Walker, a Dutch disabled breaker that has entered the world of contemporary dance and theatre production with his bold creative ideas and innovative combination of styles.

Maikel’s dance practice is influenced by his training in martial arts and his experience as a B-boy. Maikel has worked with Jonzi D, performed at the Olympics and for the Dutch Royal Family.

In 2002, Maikel was the first Dutch dancer to win the power battles at the International Breaking Competition.

In 2020, he was invited to take part in Europe Beyond Access’ laboratory in Maastricht with Holland Dance Festival, an intensive week that brought together disabled artists from across Europe. He was also supported to choreograph a new duet with dancer Gihan Koster which premiered earlier this year.

This film is part of a new series of artist profiles produced by Europe Beyond Access that promote disabled artists to international audiences.

To find out more about Maikel’s work, watch the film below from Holland Dance Festival that focuses on his new duet created in collaboration with Gihan.

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